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Here is a cool new blog that I discovered while browsing one of the directories. Creative Eye is an artist's blog, and it includes different kinds of art -- but also all kinds of fascinating stuff in other areas. So far, there are a couple posts that compare different proposed covers for the same book, a couple posts on identifying different fonts (with diagrams of the letter parts), a post about office ergonomics, and several about various types of inspiration. What I love is that there's all this different stuff on the same blog.

It makes me wonder if this is how people view my blogs. All of them have some kind of theme, but there's also considerable variety, here most of all. I write this way because I like it. If I enjoy it on someone else's blog, maybe other people enjoy it on mine. It's fun to find a really tight blog on a topic you love. But it's also fun to find a treasure chest full of wildly assorted sparklies.

Anyhow, if you are a writer or an artist, you really want to check this out. Book authors in particular, view these:
If you just want some interesting stuff to look at, this is also a good choice.

This blog is new -- it just started last month -- but it reads smoothly. I hope this guy gets enough encouragement to continue.
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