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Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is a bonding activity that makes people feel good and enhances connections.

Most cultures have their own dances, although the importance of dancing varies from one culture to another.  Modern America values it very little.  We used to have lots of dances at all kinds of social occasions, and almost everybody danced themselves instead of sitting around watching other people  dance.  What little we have left is not structured and cohesive dancing; most of it is individual freestyle club dancing.  This shift correlates with people being less fit and feeling less connected today -- really not a good change.  >_<

So watch for opportunities to dance.  If you coordinate events, look for a way to incorporate dancing.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just frisky.  It helps to include a basic lesson in whatever dance you offer so that novices can join the fun.  Pay attention to local culture and feature dances that match your audience.  Ballroom dance, African folk dance, European folk dance, Latin dance, belly dance, break dance, hoop dance, etc. will all appeal to different folks.
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