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Rock Painting

These are the instructions I pulled together for our Ostara rock painting activity. Be aware that many of the links have cookies, pop-ups, or other problems that I usually route around -- I ignored those this time because I was mainly interested in printing out the instructions and images, and didn't have enough choices to avoid the virtual fleas.


You'll need some basic craft supplies to get started: rocks, paint, brushes, and sealer. Paint pens are awesome and we used ours a lot. Ideally, look for a kit of paints, but we also bought a big bottle of white and of green for backgrounds, which was a great idea.

Guide to Supplies

Michaels Craft Store


Note that this is nothing new. It is popular now so a lot of people are discovering it for the first time. But it was also popular in the 1970s when I was little, and my grandmother was familiar with it because she could explain it to me. People have been painting rocks ever since humans invented paint. I have a very old piece of folk art with a rock-painted owl glued to a board.

Rock Painting / Hiding / Hunting as a Hobby

How Rock Painting Works

How to Paint a River Rock

Rock Painting with Kids

Rock Painting Tutorials

These are the instructions I printed out for people to use as inspiration.

Spring Themed Rocks

Spring Wreath Rock

Dot Painting Apple Tree
Painting-on-Rocks.jpg https://rockpainting101.com/apple-blossom-dot-painting/

Seasonal Tree of Life Painted Rocks

Smiling Flower

Flower Painted Rocks

Tulip Painted Rocks

Blue Grape Hyacinths

Flowering Vines

Colorful Fronds

African Daisies

Spring Zendangle

Dot Painting Rocks

Mandala Stones

Gradient Base Coat

Hand Lettering a Word

* * *

Words and Phrases

Among the easiest ways to decorate a rock is to paint the background and then write a word or phrase on it. These are some that I gathered for people to use.

Spring Words:

awake, birth, bloom, blossom, breeze, bud, bunny, butterfly, chick, crocus, daffodil, egg, flowers, grass, green, grow, hatch, hyacinth, jump, kindness, lamb, life, melt, nest, open, polliwog, puddle, quiet, rain, rainbow, rebirth, robin, season, showers, snowdrop, sprout, sunshine, thaw, tulip, umbrella, violets, warm, weather, windy, yellow, youth

Positive Words:

acceptance, action, admire, agree, amazing, approve, awesome, beautiful, believe, bliss, bounty, brave, brilliant, calm, champion, charming, cheer, choice, courage, creative, cute, dazzling, delight, earnest, enchanting, encouragement, energy, enthusiasm, essence, excellent, excitement, exquisite, fabulous, fair, fantastic, fortunate, freedom, fresh, friendship, fun, generosity, genius, gorgeous, grace, happy, harmony, healing, health, honesty, honor, hugs, idea, imagine, impressive, independence, intelligent, intuitive, joy, knowledge, laugh, legendary, light, lively, lovely, lucky, luminous, marvelous, natural, now, nurturing, okay, optimistic, powerful, prepared, progress, quality, quick, ready, rejoice, reliable, respect, right, safe, smile, sparkling, special, spirited, success, superb, surprise, terrific, thriving, tranquility, transform, trust, truth, unwavering, upbeat, valued, vibrant, victory, vital, welcome, whole, wonderful, worthy, wow, yes, zeal

* * *
Positive Affirmations:

It's okay to take up space.

Choose peace.

Stand up for yourself.

You deserve joy.

Don't worry -- be happy!

Take time to heal.

You are unique.

Do your best.

Create change.

Take pride in your work.

You are enough.

Be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe.

You matter.

Be here now.

Live your own life.

Embody hope.

Embrace the unknown.

Take small steps.

Dream big.

Reach for the stars.

* * *

Runes and Their Meanings


* * *

On the back of your rock, you can write the name of a painted rock club. People take pictures of these rocks and share them on Facebook.
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