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The Human Costs of the Economic Crisis

This long, detailed, and ugly article describes how the economic crisis is causing society to fray. Some people are simply pushed beyond their ability to cope, and break down. Others backlash more deliberately against a society that has let them down when they most needed support. These aren't deadbeats -- they are soldiers, homeowners, parents, taxpayers, workers -- core American citizens. Until the people in charge of America pulled the rug out from under them. This is what we get when people do not take care of each other. I don't like the way these numbers are developing. We need to fix this, and soon.

Meltdown Madness: The Human Costs of the Economic Crisis
 The body count is still rising. For months on end, marked by bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, and layoffs, the economic meltdown has taken a heavy toll on Americans. In response, a range of extreme acts including suicide, self-inflicted injury, murder, and arson have hit the local news. By October 2008, an analysis of press reports nationwide indicated that an epidemic of tragedies spurred by the financial crisis had already spread from Pasadena, California, to Taunton, Massachusetts, from Roseville, Minnesota, to Ocala, Florida.
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