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Today's Adventures

We went up to visit my parents today.

We stopped at Common Ground for gluten-free muesli.  I forgot to look for the edible flowers, drat.

We went to a music store for Doug to pick up a music theory book with a jazz theme, which unlike the "theory" book I had growing up was actual theory instead of just technical stuff.  It took some shuffling around to get it, but we got it.

For supper we went to the Olive Garden.  They have a couple of viewscreens in the lobby showing, not commercials, but scenes from Italy.  <3  A little slice of Terramagne!  I got mushroom ravioli, quite excellent.  Doug's salmon came with slabs of baked zucchini, which was definitely some of the best zucchini-as-vegetable I've had.

Then we went to Krannert for Dorrance Dance, a tap and modern dance troop.  The first act had kind of a retro approach and a lot of different things going on.  The second was a lot less interesting.  The third was a much longer collage of smaller pieces.  My favorite was one where everyone was in office dress, but some of the others were good too.  I especially applaud the combination of breakdance and tap.  One guy in particular could ambulate across the stage in almost any configuration -- bipedal, quadrupedal, butt-shuffling, hand-walking, you name it.  I wouldn't be surprised if he can brachiate. 

Intermezzo was out of cakes.  >_<  But the afterparty had a very nice spread including cheese and fruit.  I was very surprised to find that the raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries were all perfectly ripe at this time of year.  The cheese was good too, and I snagged a hazelnut truffle for dessert.  Okay, problem solved.  :)

We went to Harvest Market, but they were out of the cape gooseberries.  :,,,(  We did find some raspberries, a yellow dragonfruit, and some beef steaklets though.  I have a Moroccan dry rub that I want to mix up for the meat tomorrow.

All in all, a pretty good day.
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