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Moment of Silence: Raven Grimassi

Pagan author Raven Grimassi has passed to the Summerland. Memorial details are included in the link. In lieu of flowers, a donation in Raven’s name can be made to the Temple of Witchcraft.

He wrote many books. Among my favorites are Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore, and Celebration and Ways of the Strega: Italian Witchcraft In Lore, Magick and Spells. I also like The Hidden Path Oracle and The Well Worn Path
Divination Kit

I knew Raven through my work at PanGaia magazine. We met at events, including the Pagan Picnic in St. Louis.  See a picture of us there.  I found him to be thoughtful, insightful, capable, and gracious.  He will be missed.
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