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Basically a long list of things I do almost none of, being not feminine despite the body's appearance. 

1) "Go fuck yourself" is a totally fair answer when people are screwing with you.  If more feminine and female-bodied people would respond assertively, fewer people would try to take advantage of them.

2) If some stranger asks a rude intimate question, they have then defined that as the appropriate communication mode.  I find that "Do you like anal sex?" makes them back up in alarm and demand why I would ask such a thing.  "Well, you asked me (totally inappropriate topic for strangers), so that means intimate questions are fair game.  Dildoes or penises?"  If you don't like talking about sex, "How much do you weigh?" is a good substitute for female-presenting harassers.

3) Hillary Clinton's "Would you ask a man that question?" still rocks too.

4) Some feminists prefer to quote a price.  My base price for things I don't want to do, but am capable of doing, is $100/hour.
Tags: gender studies, networking
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