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Weight Loss Visualization

Most weight loss techniques are dismally ineffective.  This study found one that works quite well -- and it focuses on multisensory visualization rather than a specific diet or exercise program.  While the original version involved a support program, visualization is something that anyone can practice at home and probably derive some benefits.  Even more important, the benefits continued after the program -- instilling a healthy mental habit improved ongoing results, as the study tracked people after the visualization coaching stopped.  More research would be good, but this is promising.

It meshes with other observations that person-centered therapies work well in general, because they use the client's own strengths to pursue a client-chosen goal in a way that works for that individual.  A person is more likely to attain a healthy body if they develop a lifestyle suited to their unique needs, rather than trying a standard model that might not.

On the mystical side, the body elemental is a sort of spirit of the flesh which maintains the body and its connection to the soul. Communicating with this critter is challenging because it doesn't think in words.  It can, however, think in sensory images.  If you can clearly show it what you want it do with the body, it may pitch in -- and that's exactly where you may see these huge multiples of impact from what seems like a small and simple intervention.  Check to see if that might be pulling in additional resources like this.

While no one technique works for everyone, this one seems a lot more promising than most of the health programs I've seen relating to achieving a healthy weight.  That's worth noting.
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