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Poetry Blog Rankings

Today I discovered a new blog directory with a specialized focus that should appeal to a lot of you folks: Poetry Blog Rankings. This site aims to list all the blogs in the world that feature poetry and/or poets, connecting readers and writers of poetry in the process. For readers, the site provides tools for finding new poetry blogs, rating them, and bookmarking your favorites. For writers, the site provides a way to introduce your poetry to new readers and compare your blog's popularity against others.

Membership in Poetry Blog Rankings is free for poetry readers and writers. There is a link for donations, if you wish to support the site; that page also lists their ideas for future expansion and features. Poets may make a $12 donation to earn permanent "Gold Member" status, which offers extra perks. If you practice cyberfunded creativity, this may be useful.

The more members who rate a poetry blog, the more solid its score becomes. (They don't want one or two people skewing the numbers.) It takes a minimum of 6 votes to qualify for the Top 100 Poetry Blogs list. A blog's ranking within the directory thus depends on how members rate it. If you already belong to Poetry Blog Rankings -- or if you decide to join -- please consider rating The Wordsmith's Forge according to your taste. The directory recommends that members read at least three of a writer's poems before ranking that blog; to view my poems available on this blog, click the "poem" tag in the sidebar on the right side of this page.

Poetry Blog Rankings
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