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Blog Catalog Gets a Gold Star

I'm pleased to add Blog Catalog to the short list of blog directories that are seriously worthwhile. If you have a blog to promote or you're looking for new blogs to read, go check it out. If you're already a member, please look me up as Ysabetwordsmith, add me to your Friends list, bookmark or rate my blogs, etc.

This was one of the cool-looking directories I explored early on, and then my registration hangfired. I sent off a note using the "contact" function, not really expecting a reply. Lo and behold, a real person read the message, manually activated my account, and I was able to go fill in my profile and add my blogs. I wish more companies would remember the importance of customer service and technical support.

Blog Catalog offers a dense selection of services clustered around blogging and social networking. There's a profile page for sharing information about yourself. You can search for people you know to see if they're in the network, add them as Friends, and send private messages. There's a whole newsfeed box that aggregates what your activities and those of your friends; it will link in other services like Digg if you activate them. You can search for blogs directly with tags or by browsing the categories, and this is one of the richer category trees I've seen; you can bookmark favorite blogs. You can add your own blogs and read statistics about usage; there are also widgets you can put on your blogs to track BC visitors. ("Recent Visitors" widgets are a wonderful way of building community.) A rating system helps gauge the quality of each blog. There are also groups and discussions and other things you have enjoyed. Also, once I was able to log in, the site seems to run fine.

I'm very glad that I got into this system. It looks tremendously useful for blog promotion ... and I like encouraging people when they do something right.
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