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Forget 'Fast Traffic' ... Go Write!

I was amused to see this long interview post about "fast traffic" on blogs, which essentially repeats the classic writing advice: write. It's all about useful content; there is no magic trick. Now go wear the ink off some keys.

I am further amused by the get-attention-quick folks who seem to be blogging all over the place today, and gone tomorrow. They have no stamina. It's one area where people who have been writing for a few years, or a few decades, have a huge advantage. Because we just keep going, and going, and going, until even the fuzzy pink rabbit drops dead in exhaustion.

A year from now, Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews will have about 400 book (music, product, etc.) reviews and links to however many author websites I've been able to locate for the people who wrote those books. That's going to be a handy resource. "The Wordsmith's Forge," heading for its second anniversary this spring, has dozens of poems, some cool how-to articles, and a thriving community.
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