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Hobbies and Quality

This post upholds that you don't have to be good at a hobby to enjoy it.   

This is true if you enjoy doing the hobby for its own sake by yourself and/or the results are still usable.  Many people and hobbies fall into that category.  Our Imbolc candles got the colors a bit scrambled but they still turned out very pretty. 

The premise is also true if you value your hobby for something other than its appearance or other technical finesse.  My yard may look more like a jungle than a Midwest Living cover, but well, that's because I modeled it after a jungle and not a magazine ... and my detritus food chain is 3 days to apex which is a thing I am proud of.  The toads aren't grading me on how it looks.

However, the premise may not be true if you're trying to make something look like the picture on the box, and failing that goal makes you sad instead of happy.  It definitely is not true if what you want is a craft community but when you go to a quilting circle the other people pick on you.  :/

There are many reasons to take up a hobby.  One is because you enjoy it.  Another is you like doing it with friends.  Perhaps you want the finished product.  Maybe you need a way to practice your manual dexterity that is not boring-ass therapy exercises.  Some folks do it to preserve their culture.  All of these are equally valid; do what works for you.

Leave us not forget the historic value of things that were, in their time, thought mediocre or inferior.  Sometimes people don't recognize greatness for a few decades.  Other times, those everyman examples are all we have left.  All art has value, some is just more practiced or popular than others.  So don't be ashamed of what you do, or what you like.
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