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Omens Read from a Horse's Mane

This piece originally appeared in the late, lamented Eggplant Library -- a webzine collecting excerpts of books that don't wholly exist. I had cause to share this with someone today, so I figured I might as well share with everyone. This comes from my main fantasy world, Hallelaine, and the Whispering Sands desert; the foreign language is Seshaa.

Omens Read from a Horse’s Mane:
A Collection of Khazals and Commentaries

by Atiyya binte Hameed

Khazalim va Khoteshim

eylu Atiyya binte Hameed

As with many poems known to originate with Mujeed ibn Ahad, this one traditionally appears attributed to Pakiimey the Bone Horse. Mujeed often claimed friendship with this most honored spirit of death. Certainly we have accounts, predating the life of Mujeed, that the Bone Horse appreciates fine verse. However, this particular poem attempts to throw its source even further afield, as the title mentions yet another mythic figure. Close examination of the imagery reveals nothing inconsistent with either an equine or aerial perspective; note especially the conclusion with its reference to the Bone Horse’s legendary selectivity regarding riders. The audience is therefore invited to draw their own conclusions as to the authorship of this poem, mortal or immortal.

Wind Woman Writes My Poetry

The wind is my muse. She
Writes in my mane when I run.

She touches my tail with ribbons
Of words trailing behind me.

In my forelock, the breeze
Braids fine metaphors.

When I prance, poetry
Falls from my fetlocks.

Even the sea-sweat on my sides
Makes meaningful lines there.

Always and always, her voice turns
The white shells of my ears toward her.

Ah, everyone wants to ride me!
But I only want to ride her.

Tags: fantasy, fiction, poetry, seshaa

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