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Moment of Silence: D.J. Conway and "Candlemas Crossing"

Pagan author D.J. Conway passed beyond the veil on February 1.

Like many Pagans my age, I discovered her books growing up and loved them. Unlike most of the other folks, I knew they weren't historically accurate. But here's the thing: they didn't have to be in order to work. She put the bottom rungs on the ladder better than almost anyone else. At that time, very few people were writing Paganism with a solid scholastic core. But she inspired a lot of us to dig deeper after we got done enjoying the light, airy stuff that works great as an introduction. I still use a few of her guidebooks because she wrote about some topics that not many other authors have picked up on. She will be deeply missed.

"Candlemas Crossing"
-- an elegy for D.J. Conway, 1939-February 1, 2019

a cloak of snow
cast over a waiting world --

a bank of flames
dancing on beeswax legs --

reaches down
to scoop up Her daughter --

and the Summerland bursts into song.
Tags: moment of silence, paganism, spirituality
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