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Craft Meme

I designed this meme mainly for crafty folks:

1) What crafts do you enjoy?
2) Do you craft in short bursts or long sessions?
3) Do you keep a cache of supplies you're likely to use, or do you buy exactly what you need for each project?
4) Do you make a list before going into a craft store?
5) Have you ever come out of a craft store having bought ONLY the things you planned to buy?
6) What are some of your favorite craft supplies?
7) What are some of your favorite craft tools?
8) Do you make craft projects for gifts, for sale, or for yourself?
9) Do your friends and family support and encourage your crafting?
10) Describe a really cool project you've made.

My Answers

1) Scrapbooking, beading, feathercrafts, sewing, and silk flower arranging are things I loop back to periodically. I've done embroidery and polymer clay sculpting but rarely have the time for those now.

2) More often long sessions than short. I tend to scrap poems in batches. I tend to use sewing as lapwork, working on it while I'm talking with people, and that can go for hours.

3) I keep a cache of craft supplies. Sometimes I can do a whole project without buying anything; more often, I just need a few extra things. When I shop, I usually buy what I need for a current project, and a few other items. If there's a sale, I will buy lots of bargain things that look usable.

4) If I'm shopping for a project, I always make a list unless I only need one or two items that I can remember easily. But I also kill time by browsing in a craft store, and then I don't have a list; I may or may not buy anything.

5) When I'm broke, yes.

6) Beads, scrapbook paper, and fabric. I'll buy those because they're so beautiful and variable, even if I don't have a project in mind.

7) I love patterned scrapbook scissors, because I work with paper more than photos. I also like hole punches and other cutout tools. For bead projects, I like my beading board because it makes design easier. And I'm outright collecting odd little sewing tools -- I have a metal hem press, a tracing stylus, an elephant tusk, a seam ripper, etc.

8) All three. Most of the scrapbooking is for gifts. The sewing is about half and half gifts and personal use. Once in a while I make things for sale -- sometimes people ask me to do stuff and offer to pay for it. That's a welcome boost to my income!

9) Generally, yes. Sometimes they really flip out over the scrapbook stuff, when I do an elaborate page. I've had total strangers flip out over the Renaissance garb I've made, because it's hand-sewn. I'm too lazy to use a machine. That's not a joke: I prefer sewing as lapwork, and it's a real nuisance for me to keep a machine running. I can use one, but it takes a lot of fiddling. So I actually finish garments faster by hand.

10) The Dragon Blanket and the +1 Spoon of Airy Assurance are described and pictured here.
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