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Poem: "The Footprint of the Moon"

This is the second freebie from the January 8, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. You have new prompter [personal profile] iamnotgod to thank for it.

"The Footprint of the Moon"

When the Moon Goddess
comes down to the Earth,
she lands on water, always water,
where she can see herself reflected
and know that it is safe to land.

The Moon and the water
are always linked together.
She rules and it obeys.

So she sets her silver foot
upon the water, and only then
steps off onto the dry firm land.

The Moon Goddess leaves behind
a footprint of ice floating in the water,
a pure white image of the Moon.

She walks the land in her cold robes,
going about her goddess-business.

Once she has finished her work,
she returns to the place where she landed,
and smiles to see the image of herself
still resting upon the dark water.

She steps onto the disc of ice,
pushing off and rising with her power.

Behind her, the disc begins to spin.

* * *


My partner Doug found this fascinating article about ice discs forming on rivers. I offer a more mystical observation on the topic. These two things are equally true.
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