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SQUEE! Social-networking Multilingual Dictionary: Leximo

Leximo is a free, social-networking, multilingual dictionary. SQUEE! I must tell everyone I know. SQUEE! So far Leximo has over 92,000 words. You can search for popular words or recent words, add new words yourself, or click popular tags (which include languages and some categories of words). Entries include the word, its score, the person who submitted it, its language, and its definition. The better the definition, the higher the score should go. The "social networking" part is that you can click on people's profiles and read the words they've submitted, so you can pay more attention to reliable users; there's room for a bio, location, and website too.

I don't know yet if this site is restricted to natural languages or includes auxiliary and constructed languages. I also don't know how well it handles diacritical markings or unusual letter shapes. So far it doesn't seem to include other scripts besides the English alphabet. But it's a cool idea and a good start. Look for me as Ysabetwordsmith.
Tags: linguistics, networking

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