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Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, January 22

There will be a bonus fishbowl on Tuesday, January 22. It will focus on the Christmas thread of Shiv in Polychrome Heroics, which began with "Tangle" (Part 1, Part 2) by [personal profile] siliconshaman and "Confused, Screwed Up, But Here" by myself. This thread deals with sexual harassment and assault, and the aftermath. [personal profile] siliconshaman is primarily writing the stories about Chyou Quiwil. [personal profile] dialecticdreamer is covering some aspects with various Finns helping to clean up the aftermath. I'm primarily writing the ones about Shiv, Pain's Gray, and other folks in Omaha plus some with the Finns. We're sharing Luci Quiwil, who crosses over all of those.

Among the things I would like to explore in this thread are:

* Shiv and Luci take the Plato's Lake cruise, which actually happens right before the blowup with Chyou, but shows a lot of where Shiv's head is at regarding sex/romance. (requested in comment by [personal profile] siliconshaman)

* The night Shiv arrives, Tolli tucks him into bed and helps him feel safe.

* When Shiv struggles to keep track of what's happening now vs. his flashbacks, Tolli and Simon help him make a visual schedule with icons.

* Shiv and company make Christmas cookies. (If you want something that's more fluff than angst, this is a good bet.)

* Shiv accepts Simon's offer of a lesson in how to use an extendable baton. Simon also teaches about self-defense as a way of both being safe and feeling safe.

* At Blues Moon, Taye has nightmares of his past abuse brought up by what happened to Shiv at the jazz club. Boss White asks Shiv to help, and Shiv points out that the Omaha Personal Repair Center has options like art therapy that don't require talking about your problems.

* Shiv and Luci go shopping in the Old Market and touch on their holiday experiences. (This is another one on the lighter side.)

* The first time Shiv asks Gray to play with him after the incident with Chyou. Gray explains that he's not comfortable with pain play right now. They wind up exploring rope bondage instead, which Shiv also loves.

* Popgun finds out that he's going to be a father and freaks.

* Shiv raises the question with Dr. G about why this shit keeps happening to him, and they discuss revictimization.

* Elisabeth Finn teaches Shiv how to slash bread dough into fancy patterns, and they about the emotional aftermath of recent events.

* Shiv talks with Dr. G about how the holidays brought up memories of the Wright family, and Dr. G helps Shiv re-establish contact with them.

* Janeel and Manda learn Party Monitor skills to spot risky situations, interrupt them, and do emotional first aid after sexual harassment or assault.

Due to having lost multiple days to various causes this past week, I am nowhere near caught up on the previous batch of fishbowl prompts. I will cover the remaining non-Shiv prompts if possible. The Shiv prompts are getting rolled into the bonus round, so if you already have one on this list, you're covered and don't need to post more on Tuesday:

[personal profile] ravan:
"Verschlimmbessern (German): To make something worse when trying to improve it"
Isn't this most of the foster care system in regards to Shiv? Especially his previous therapists? They made assumptions about him based on what the (incompetent) adults in his life said about him, and then tried to treat him based on that, rather than as he actually was?

[personal profile] bairnsidhe:
Oh, good I didn't miss it! Shiv and learning about kink in prison, please! (from the comment thread about that on Holiday in Handcuffs)

[personal profile] pantha:
There's (rightfully) lots of exploration about helping Shiv after the Chyou incident. However, I'm fairly certain Gray needs some serious patching-up too. Probably on his own before he and Shiv can start to sort things out together (if they do). Can we see some of that? Specifically, these prompts seem potentially relevant: people who make inconvenient choices or clean up after them, supporting each other through hard times, recovering from setbacks, personal growth, frustration, determination.

[personal profile] curiosity:
When I was a kid, every time I got my art on ... if I didn't always make the sky blue and the grass green and the people pink, I got told I did it wrong, I was stupid, or I ruined it. So maybe something along those lines? I can see that working for Shiv's pastels or Chiara's mosaics or anything Jules touches.

[personal profile] zianuray:
I heard that the Navajo / Dine rugs always have one "off" stitch to let the evil spirits out. Don't know if it's true or if that's the reason, but seems like it would tie in. Maybe with Shiv's learning to cook and using the "wrong" ingredient that turns out great?
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