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Unsold Poems for the January 8, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the January 8, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my Dreamwidth profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods. There are still verses left in the linkback poems "The Open Gyre," "Growing Green, Growing Gold," "Mysterious and Impermanent," "Greater Than the Sum," "Nascent Wisdom," "A Lively Feast," "Between the Normal and the Abnormal," "Always Carry Your Goodness," and "Crossroads on the Hero's Journey."

"The Consequences of Their Own Neglect"
Cold Cash, in his new guise as Ice Fog, leads his team on a bank job.
389 lines, Buy It Now = $195

The team was gathered and ready to go.

Alibi had carefully insinuated herself into
a walking tour of downtown Mercedes in
her guise as Cold Cash, an excursion which
he had been talking up all week. A group of
college students, tourists, and new residents
had gotten together so nobody had to walk alone.

"A Frantic Resistance"
Your blind prompt contributed to "A Frantic Resistance." The superkittens meet a consultant who raises therapy cats.
225 lines, Buy It Now = $113

When the new consultant arrived,
all three superkittens responded
by arching their backs and hissing

"Intrinsically Linked with Nurturing and Love"
Your prompt contributed to the poem "Intrinsically Linked with Nurturing and Love." Mallory and Heron introduce Dairinne to solid food.
230 lines, Buy It Now = $115

When Heron came home for lunch,
Mallory was wearing the green beans
and Dairinne was howling her head off

"Loss Is Like a Wind"
From a previous backchannel prompt, I got the poem "Loss Is Like a Wind." A drowning death inspires people to take concrete steps to prevent future tragedies.
600 lines, Buy It Now = $300

On a fine spring day,
Ryder Wilkinson went out
to the Markle Mill Dam
not far from his home.

He walked along the edge
of the pond and looked at
the ruins of the old gristmill
to see if any new driftwood
had washed downstream

"Love Unflinching"
This contributed to the free-verse poem "Love Unflinching." Phylicia moves to Easy City, adopts a buggle, and meets Stylet.
207 lines, Buy It Now = $104

Phylicia Du Chienne
was delighted by the offer
to move from Shreveport
down to Easy City.

After the berettaflies,
Easy City was where
all the exciting things were
happening in the field of ethics

"Penny's Pocket Parity"
A pocket prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Penny's Pocket Parity." When a college student can't find mainstream support for her line of women's clothing with pockets, Fortressa steps in.
530 lines, Buy It Now = $265

Fortressa and her Pit Group were
lounging around the living room and
browsing the BlackSheep pastures.

Men Are Thistles had a lot of activity.
Fortressa liked it because it was easy
to access, so it got plenty of traffic
and gave her ideas for things to fix

"To Repair the Damage of the Lumberman"
Your backchannel prompt inspired the free-verse poem "To Repair the Damage of the Lumberman." Dr. Infanta helps revive redwoods from ancient stumps.
467 lines, Buy It Now = $234

Dr. Infanta and Lorry
landed in Muir Woods.

Fog still hung in the air, and
the temperature was on the rise,
making the place hot and muggy

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