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Poem: "Fernweh"

This poem came out of the January 8, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] technoshaman. It also fills a square in my 12-31-18 card for the Untranslatable Words Bingo fest: "Fernweh (German): Feeling homesick for a place you have never been to." This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It is meta for the series Polychrome Heroics.


Years of exploration
and activism have
come down to this:

a world of greatness
that inspires all of us
to improve the one
we're standing on.

It doesn't matter
that it's idealistic,
impractical, imaginary --

it still works better than
all the practical activism
we've tried in this world.

So turn to another,
turn to a better world.

It doesn't matter
that we've never
set foot on it,

only that we love it
for what it is and
all it could become.

We're still homesick for it,
yearning for its comfort and
security, admiring the elegance
of the curves and divergences that
define the lines of society.

It doesn't matter that
from here, it's only
a glimpse in a mirror,
a line of lyrical verse.

This is the home of
our hearts, even though we
have never been there in person.

We could go there if we could,
waiting only for an open door.

* * *


Terramagne literally means "world of greatness."

terr-, terra-, -ter
(Latin: earth, dry land, land)
This unit presents many words that are used in references having to do with earth and land; that is, the loose, fragmented material that composes part of the surface of this planet that we live on.
Don't confuse this element with other words that are spelled in a similar way; such as, terrify, terrible.

magni-, magn-; magna
(Latin: large, big, great; much, abundant)

Here are some resources I have gathered about how Terramagne works and how to improve the one we're standing on:

Not produced by anyone I know, but probably polygenetic canon for Terramagne, is the short comic "Powers." It's an example of how ordinary people can do marvelous things.

Make a set of superhero (or supervillain, or supernary) accessories for your children to play dress-up. If desired, theme them based on the wearer's current passion and talk about how to support that ideal. Frex, Butterfly Man could wear a mask shaped like a butterfly and a floral cape, then plant a butterfly garden.

Be kind to yourself and other people. Promote peace, inner and outer. Work on reducing shame and other negative experiences. These practices make life a lot nicer.

Learn about Emotional First Aid, which can be used to help reduce the damage caused by life's "hard knocks." Apply to self and others as needed.

Read about quiet rooms, shock rooms, and how to make them; this kind of investment in healthy social atmosphere is what makes Terramagne a nicer place to live. Most people have somewhere they could put at least a quiet corner. If you control a larger space, especially if it's crowded and/or stressful, then creating a quiet room would save you a lot of headaches.

A Party Monitor Kit contains the most useful items for solving the kinds of problems that tend to go wrong at a social event. You can make it as large or small as necessary for your preference and any local rules.

Here's a discussion about how to make your home town more like Bluehill. See also "Value Per Acre" for an analysis of land use in T-American towns, and "How to Build Community" for links about cultivating social ties.

Plan for the future with sustainability for beginners. Put the bottom rungs on the ladder, and you can start saving the world.

To see a perspective on responsible police work from a serving officer, read "Let's Just Stop This and Maybe Be the Good Guys Again." Demand that the people who enforce rules and laws uphold a high standard of safety and behavior.

For a discussion of heroic action in everyday life, see "You Never Know When," which I wrote after I came across a serious car crash.
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