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Poem: "Mistakes and Changes"

This poem came out of the January 8, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] satsuma. It also fills the "old and new" square in my 9-2-18 card for the [community profile] ladiesbingo fest. This poem belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

"Mistakes and Changes"

Shahana and Ari went
from one village to another,
talking about the old and the new
and helping the people adapt
to the world around them.

Everywhere they went,
the old men grumbled and
the old women gossiped
about how this wasn't
the way it was done.

"Yes, well, the world
has been a wreck for
decades," Ari said tartly.
"Perhaps it's time to try
something different."

"We can look back, but
we can never go back,"
Shahana admonished.
"We can go only onward."

That was the truth which
bound them all together.

The elders looked away.

So Ari described how people
were regrouping into the villages
that still had buildings and
viable croplands to use.

"But then who owns them?"
one of the old men asked.

"Whoever does the work,
I suppose," Shahana said,
spreading her hands.

Shahana talked about how
the gods were working together
and sometimes sharing paladins.

"You're making a mistake,"
one of the old women said.

"That's not a mistake,"
said Ari. "It's a change."

As the two women headed for
the next village, Shahana said,
"I don't think this is working."

"I think you're right," Ari said.

"We need some kind of incentive
to encourage people to try new things,
but I don't know what," Shahana said.

"What about that game we played,
Chances?" asked Ari. "That was fun."

"Not many people know how to play it,"
Shahana said. "Besides, it's old, and
we need something new instead."

"So put the two sets together and
give it a new name," Ari said. "We can
always make up some more games."

"Now there's an idea," Shahana said.

So they got in touch with Johan and Althey,
who were having about the same luck in
their attempts to enlighten the villagers.

"We should add more pieces," Althey said.
"Pip dice, counters, and mini-men would help."

"If we add more stuff, we'll really need
a bag to hold it all," Johan pointed out.

"And smaller bags for sets of things,
like the counters, especially if we
make them different colors," Ari said.

"We should include the shapes, maybe
in black and white," said Shahana.

It took them a while to work out what
they wanted for a new set, and then
to come up with the name Fateful Triads.

Then they invented a whole new game
called Hexes and Blessings, which was
cooperative instead of competitive.

They spent a week making the sets.
Shahana and Ari mainly gathered supplies
while Althey did most of the carving and
Johan took care of the painting.

Then they split up, each pair
taking half of the game bags.

When Shahana and Ari
reached the next village, they
announced that if each person
could name one bad thing about
the past and one good thing
about the present, the village
would win a copy of the new game.

It took less than twenty minutes,
and this time, nobody argued.

* * *


Johan getting shared among the gods is mentioned in "Passing Around" and "Reconciled Differences."

The world is always changing. Some people find this distressing. There are ways to cope with change.

The game systems of Trine and Fates were originally introduced in the poem "Chances Old and New."

Trine is a game system consisting of 55 triangular cards, usually made from cardboard or wood. One side is divided into three spaces, so they can be laid out to make a game board. The other is marked with a suit (yellow stars, red knives, blue raindrops) and a number of pips (1-6). There are three complete sets of each suit, and the 55th card has all three suit symbols together. Other pieces may be added, such as six-sided dice or markers. The markers may include such things as chips or pawns, but are more often rocks or beans. A Trine deck can be used to play numerous different games. It is popular with many people, especially followers of Gorrein.

Fates is a game system consisting of two six-sided dice and twelve discs, usually made from bone or wood. One die has a different color on each face: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple. The other die has a different shape on each face: circle, almond, triangle, square, star, hexagram. Each disc has a color on one side and a shape on the other. A Fates set can be used to play numerous different games. It is popular with many people, especially followers of Gailah.

The expanded Fateful Triads set includes a Trine set, a Fates set, two 6-sided dice marked with pips, 12 mini-men (2 each of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple), 12 wooden shapes (1 black and 1 white of circle, almond, triangle, square, star, hexagram), and 144 colored stones (24 each of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple). Small bags hold the different pieces, and they all fit into a large drawstring bag that opens up into a game board painted like a map.

A game system is a set of materials which can be used to play many different games. Dice, cards, the Piecepack, and Looney pyramids are some examples.

There are many benefits to playing games. Understand how to learn a new game yourself and how to teach someone to play a game.
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