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If I have ever seen a more pathetic collection of moth-eaten, miserable, marginally functional code ... I can't recall where. I started with this respectable list of "20 Essential Blog Directories."

This one -- ONE -- functioned smoothly:
Blog Explosion is a blog directory, social network, and traffic driver. The parts I passed through actually worked. Give the competent geeks some chocolate.

These sites don't require membership or login, but have minimal services, and they are not very business-friendly:
SpillBean aka Sutra Directory
Blog Listing

The following services glitched repeatedly, doing such things as blanking the screen for no reason, misreading data entered into fields, printing gibberish on the screen, or otherwise displaying signs of defective code. Some of them I eventually got through, others I gave up. Some of them looked promising but proved too much of a hassle to keep working.

The others on the list of 20 either weren't suitable, crashed completely, or never answered my application for membership.

Some of the sites looked like they were just slopped together in an attempt to make money from traffic. Most of them wanted reciprocal links, of which I furnished very little. Normally I don't mind doing that, but a majority of these sites made me not want to look like I was recommending them. YMMV; maybe other folks have had better luck with these assorted directories.

If this is an accurate sampling of blog directories -- and 20 is not a bad sample size -- it's a wonder anything ever gets done. Okay, I know, the code for a directory is complicated; but social networks are no more so, and full-scale search engines probably more. Okay, I picked the free sites, but offering something for free is not an excuse to do a half-cheeked job of it. I've done a lot of research and a lot of webcrawling, all pretty much on free sites of many and varied types, and this really is the first time I can recall having hit such a string of consistently clunky sites displaying a similar flavor of error.

Anyway, if you want to use a blog directory, try Blog Explosion.
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