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How to Deal with Writer's Block

This is a wish from [personal profile] mythicmistress in [community profile] snowflake_challenge.  I thought other folks might find it helpful too.

Ways to deal with writer's block:







I don't get the usual uninspired kind of writer's block; I always have ideas out the wazoo. The two obstacles I sometimes encounter are:

* I'm stuck on writing because the story/poem is missing a critical piece. I have learned to set it aside and work on something else, because that thing is going nowhere until I find the missing piece. Usually it takes a few hours or days, but I have some pieces that simmered for decades before getting finished.

* I feel like crap and I'm on a deadline, usually for nonfiction. Write a paragraph, go read fanfic or do something else pleasant to generate energy, write another paragraph. Or just a line if that's all I can manage. It is possible to level-grind through a whole article this way and produce something good.
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