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Obama Halts Attack on Gray Wolves, Other Bush Misdeeds

Early activity by Obama and his team shows promise in cleaning up the mess left by the previous administration. Much of the last-minute damage may be undone. Earlier damage will take more effort, because it's not subject to a quick halt-and-review. President Obama (I'm not going to get tired of saying that anytime soon!) needs our support, encouragement, and thanks for his hard work. You can read his agenda here, and there's a contact page for messages.

Various activist organizations have produced a flurry of activity explaining how you can help support the President's efforts in their respective arenas. Here are some good places to check for additional ideas:
ACLU -- thank you note about closing Gitmo & ending torture
ONE -- thank you note about poverty & disease prevention
Sierra Club -- thank you notes about environment and hope
Activism.net -- pick a cause, any cause

Obama Halts Attack on Gray Wolves, Other Bush Misdeeds

Swooping into office to save the species this week, President Obama started his administration off right by immediately announcing a freeze on publication of all the Bush administration's last-minute, biodiversity-harming rules not yet put into print. This means the new administration will get a chance to review -- and hopefully trash -- bad Bush-era policy decisions, including the heinous removal of Endangered Species Act protections from gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes regions. The freeze will also put stop to Bush's laughably low fuel-economy standards and a rule that would have injuriously changed the format of the endangered species list to redefine the extent of coverage provided to endangered species.

Unfortunately, President Obama's move can't undo the worst of the Bush administration's latest environmentally detrimental actions: the changes to the rules implementing the Endangered Species Act -- eviscerating our country's most important wildlife protection law -- and the relaxation of rules restricting mountaintop removal mining. Reversing those will take a little more work, but the Center for Biological Diversity will work to see it done.

Read more on Obama's freeze in the Guardian UK and learn what it could mean for wolves in the Idaho Statesman:


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