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Setting notes for "If You Have Almost Nothing"

Here are the setting notes for "If You Have Almost Nothing."

Dr. G takes Shiv for a field trip on a day pass to the Westmoreland Arts and Music Festival. See a long view map and one with parking. The Golden Road (yellow) and the Sufi Path (red) are labeled on the parking map. The Indigo Road (blue-violet) and the Emerald Path (green) are unlabeled branches from the first two. The three private houses shown in the upper left of this map belong to the resident staff. The one in the middle belongs to the site owner.

A compass rose done in chalk paint provides a landing pad for teleporters. This is becoming popular at events. Here is the chalked sidewalk near the registration booth. Shiv draws a cactus on the sidewalk.

Desert Dreams is a video game about growing dryland plants. Many different succulents are available. You pick out seeds or seedlings, and a pot, then arrange them however you want. They need water, sunlight, and fertilizer. It's very educational, with names and other information about the different species. As you tend your pot, the plants grow. At the lower levels, they're perfectly safe, and it's a very peaceful meditative sort of game. At the higher levels, pests and herbivores arrive to provide more challenge. You begin with a modest selection of plants that are easy to grow, and as you advance, you unlock new species which are more difficult to raise. If you take care of your plants well enough, they bloom and pollinators come to visit.
Desert Dreams is similar to the local-American game Viridi, but more complex. It was created by a gizmologist who works in horticulture. The sound effects consist of music from various desert cultures, with the default set to come from the same region as the first plant selected, although users can change it.

The festival offers large panels and small panels for art. Some are done by teams. This is one of the community paint walls.

An emblem of tents and trees marks the walk-in tent campground. An emblem of several tents marks the family campground. An emblem of camper vehicles marks the campground for RVs and cars. An emblem of a single camper-trailer marks the Oasis Bathhouse and Bodywork site. They have a massage trailer and a sauna trailer.

The Purple Star Temple has an altar around the center pole.

The Yoga Pavilion has an awning for partial shade.

An emblem of a wooden pavilion marks the Nest of Visions for fortunetelling.

An emblem of a floating candle marks the Secret Lake.

A stage emblem marks the Center Stage.

A sign shows the way to the Healing Arts area. Moonstone is one of the people working there.

The Plant Spirit Sanctuary offers a variety of entheogens.

An emblem of a blue star tent marks the art gallery. This is the art tent where Dr. G buys the painting with three faces.

Various booths sell crystals, leatherwork, musical instruments, and other goods.

A playground emblem marks the Kid's Village. The playground includes a seesaw and other fun structures. A bubble blower and the face painter Trillium rank among the artists there.

An emblem of a gold-and-purple dome marks the Sungate Dome.

Food includes a pastry booth, the Vegan Vegetarian Food Truck, and the Pastafarian buffet tent.

Ragabonds is a clothing bank that travels the festival circuit.

The Festival Shop sells a wide variety of souvenirs.
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