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Review: "Into the Spider-Verse"

We watched "Into the Spider-Verse" today. The storytelling was great. The characterization was very interesting. I loved the movie. But it gave me a headache to watch. The art kept doing a red-blue split like for 3D, but it wasn't supposed to be a 3D show. >_< I couldn't tell that from the trailers. Sadly, it's not a movie accessible to people with vision issues, and not one I can watch again.

EDIT 10/27/18: [personal profile] capriuni adds this accessibility patch:
But I've been warned about the visuals in this movie, thanks to the Disability community on Tumblr, so I'm waiting until I can watch it streaming on my computer -- a smaller screen, in a brightly lit room, where I turn off the screen, if I have to, and just listen to the dialog during the worst of it.

That should help, but it won't substitute for a genuine description track. A lot happens in the visuals that is not audible, but based on comic book tropes, such as thought bubbles.
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