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How to Kill Doctors

 The loss of control, feelings of helplessness, and general misery in the "health care" industry kill doctors* as well as patients.  It's not a failing of doctors.  It's because they are human beings and when you abuse humans, they tend to die on you.  Don't tell them to "get help."  Stop torturing them.  I'm not exaggerating. Sleep deprivation is torture that kills people.  Don't act like this is a surprise or you didn't see it coming.  It's really quite obvious.  People just don't want to admit that the "health care" system murders people.

EDIT 12/25/18: rhodielady_47 pointed out that the system also destroys nurses, lab technicians, EMTs, and everyone else involved in health care.  I did know this; the article of the moment was referring specifically to doctors.  So I wanted to add the others.
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