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Gag Orders

So this is a thing ...

Pharmaceutical organisations working with Whitehall to maintain medicine supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit have signed 26 “gagging orders” that bar them from revealing information to the public.

Figures show that 16 drug companies and 10 trade associations have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) which prevent them from revealing any information related to contingency plans drawn up with the Department of Health and Social Care

If people ask you to do something evil, such as withholding life-or-death information, you should either:
1) refuse if it is safe for you to do so or you're comfortable becoming a martyr, or
2) lie like a carpet and then discreetly sabotage the evil plan; in this case, by leaking the information so people are not caught unawares.

Don't join team "I was just following orders."  >_<
Tags: activism, news, politics, safety

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