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Feathering the Nest

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is hosting Feathering the Nest today, open to prompts on nonsexual intimacies. Leave prompt, get ficlet! Boosting the signal gains you more words. Perks include ...

If I reach the goal of $50 in donations for the prompt call, I will also post a six-part story for the day. “Uncanny Thursday,” broken into parts for easy posting, is over 8K words, which means that the story, sans headers and such, is well over 7k words. That’s quite a bargain, and another warm family story will help usher out the old year with smiles.

Also for this prompt call, I’m doing something new: offering a larger than usual story as a reward for anyone who boosts the signal for Norah. Connect to the link, then spread the word. This little girl needs a bone marrow donor, and her best chance lies in the intersection of probability, medical science, and luck. For each signal boost for Norah, I’ll add two hundred fifty words to the individual’s preferred prompt. Anyone who registers as a bone marrow donor for Norah should send me a PM after the swab kit arrives; I will write a minimum 2,000 word story of their choice in return.
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