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Joyous Midwinter!

Midwinter or Yule is a Pagan holiday.  Happy Yule to everyone celebrating tonight!

My partner Doug and I exchanged gifts after sundown.  Mine included a Girl Genius t-shirt, a tie-dyed heart t-shirt with long sleeves, and a carton of fire-coloring sprinkles.  I also got my copy of Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful from [personal profile] redsixwing.  :D  Several more items for me have not yet arrived.  Doug got several different t-shirts, several decks of cards, a movie, and a book of magic tricks.

The community event will be tomorrow.  We're doing the Longest Night celebration.  That means we'll be starting with the house cold, so I'm going to make a red-and-green salad, and we'll have the hot food brought in from outside. \o/
Tags: holiday, pagan, personal, spirituality
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