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Gaiatribe RSS in LiveJournal

Thanks to haikujaguar for creating this: you can now subscribe to my blog Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet through LiveJournal's RSS at: gaiatribe

John tells me that the traffic on Gaiatribe is rising, so I'm pleased with that. I've gotten a few comments so far. The MyBlogLog community is up to 6 members.

We're still tinkering a bit with the look of the blog. Thesis is a nice theme provided by Geek Universalis Network, different from what I usually pick for myself, but I like the idea of keeping the GUN sub-blogs similar in style. John tried showing me the Wordpress code so I could modify it myself. I don't actually read code, beyond a few fragments of HTML that I've picked up. So we've gone back to discussing possible changes for him to make instead. Still, it would be useful if I could read code. What I've seen of Wordpress support materials is ... vast and nearly opaque. Is there a basic introduction to that stuff? Where do people get started learning that sort of thing?
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