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Mining Fanfic

I got to listing how I mine fanfic for lists of things people want so much that they'll make their own, and then I load it into my canons. I thought you folks might enjoy seeing the list.

You want neurovariant heroes? Here they are.

Bondfic? Tie one on.

Teamfic? You're gonna need a bigger box of popcorn.

Wingfic? Got it.

With extra dragons on top? Have a bucketful.

All the sexythings? Got it right here.

None of the sexythings? Got it, got it.

Disabled protagonists? Check.

Mad science? Bring some friends.

Hurt/comfort? Well, that's most of my stuff, but here: everyone else's werewolves are whiny little pansies.

Enemies to friends? Yup. Enemies to lovers? Yup yup.

He's so fucked up, and yet so adorable, you can't look away? Got that. Believe it or not, someone even paid me to save this guy.

Hot kinky boys? Ticky box.

Two boys kissing? Ticky!

Hold the boys, two girls kissing? Ticky!

Oh here, just have the whole QUILTBAG.
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