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Visit My New Blog "Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet"

I'm pleased to announce my new blog, Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet. It belongs to a network of blogs called Geek Universalis. Several blogs, each with their own area of expertise, feed into the main blog, rather the way columns combine in a magazine. It's another approach to cyberfunded creativity, combining multiple revenue streams to be shared among the authors.

Gaiatribe supports the premise that humanity is the part of the biosphere that can think, which gives us the responsibility to care for life and the Earth. Here you'll find discussions of renewable energy, sustainable development, intentional community, nature religions, environmental awareness, and related topics. If you have enjoyed my writing on those topics in other venues, please visit Gaiatribe -- I think you'll love it too. So far there are 12 posts across many categories.

If you want to help support this project, here are some things you can do:

  • Join the Gaiatribe community on MyBlogLog. If you're on that service but haven't added me to your Contacts, here's my profile page.

  • Watch for some Gaiatribe posts on Digg and help promote them. Here is the first one on blog metaphors. If you're on Digg but haven't already added me to your Friends list, here's my profile page. My main interests on Digg include environment, space, general science, and politics; I've blocked out sports and health categories as outside my interest range.

  • Leave comments! Feedback is candy. I'm hoping to build up a lively audience on Gaiatribe, people who will join conversations and share exciting ideas.

  • Mention Gaiatribe on your blog, or anywhere else you think would be appropriate. Word of mouth helps spread beyond the audience within immediate reach.

  • Links: If you want to put a link to Gaiatribe on your page, go right ahead. Do you have a blog or other website that deals with the environment, community, activism, Paganism, or other related topics? If so, perhaps we can exchange links. (Check the link list first. I've already linked to several folks I know.)

  • If you can think of anything else that might be helpful, go for it, or ask me if you're not sure how to make it work.

Thank you for all your support of my various projects. You folks are a terrific audience and I really appreciate you!
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