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Tactile Rubik's Cubes - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Tactile Rubik's Cubes
My partner Doug spotted the Rubik's Touch Cube (US $16.99), a puzzle toy suited to vision-impaired people or blackout play.  The white squares are smooth, while all the others have a raised symbol indicating their color.  It's a perfect stocking-stuffer for people into inclusive toys.  There are other ways to make a Rubik's cube accessible, too.  Use these as inspiration for modifying similar types of puzzle in other styles (e.g. the 5x5 cube).  I myself would go for ColorADD or Feelipa symbols.  I am no good at this kind of puzzle, but I am delighted to see it made more inclusive.

Has anyone else found nifty inclusive toys or games?  Add them in comments, because we're coming toward holiday-shopping season.

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