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All Will Be Remembered

[personal profile] zeeth_kyrah tipped me to an article about the Memory Of Mankind.  It's a salt mine where a farthinking fellow is caching records of everything on ceramic plates.  You can contribute text, donate funds, or volunteer.

This is just the kind of thing I've always wanted to do, although my plan was to put my poetry on ceramic plates and chuck them in the local landfill.  I'd love to contribute my writing to MOM, but the online form is for short works; books and such you have to do special.  It's free, though.  Buying a copy yourself is expensive, but caching doesn't cost anything.  Ideally I'd need someone to send them the text from my published books and the full-year fishbowl collections.  That's a good start on my work.
Tags: activism, history, news, reading, science, writing

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