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Gay Penguins Hatch Egg

Penguins sometimes form homosexual couples, and several times, zookeepers have given them eggs.  Now the Gentoo penguins Sphen and Magic have successfully hatched an egg.  :D 3q3q3q!!! 

Does anyone here make art for t-shirts?  Because this needs to be a t-shirt set.  One with the whole family, and separate shirts with the individual members, for gay families to wear.  Also, a Sphen/Magic t-shirt would be a great way for a single gay man to flag that he seeks a permanent relationship including children, rather than a fun fling or childfree.

Of course, in T-Australia, Magic probably has the Male Egg-laying superpower, and the images will be on everything  in time for holiday shopping season.  Most gay families will probably get 2-5 sets for Christmas or whatever, and many gays who don't already collect penguin things will start just for the Sphen/Magic stuff.  \o/
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, gender studies, nature, news, wildlife

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