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Voting Guides

Midterm elections are coming up. Here are some resources ...

Are you eligible to vote? If yes, are you registered to vote? If no, do that now.

Voting information and ballot peeks based on your location.
Midterm Congressional, State, and Local Elections
Personalized Ballot
Find Your Polling Place

Political Parties and Priorities
Parties and Platforms
Identify Your Priorities
Know the Current Issues
Which Issues Matter the Most to You?
Which Party Is Right for You?
Green Party
The Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Independent Voting

Thematic and general mobilization materials.
Illinois Elections, Candidates & Politics
League of Conservation VotersLeague of Women Voters
NAACP Civic Engagement
Planned Parenthood Voter Guide
Progressive Voters Guide
Project VoteSmart

Rules and guidelines.
A Voter's Guide to Federal Elections
Protection & Advocacy for Voting Access
Illinois Information for Voters

Voter suppression & activism.
Voter Suppression Tactics
How to Fight Voter Suppression in 2018
My Vote, My Right
Voting While Trans
Voting Rights

Pros and Cons of Voting
Benefits of Voting
Why Voting Doesn't Really Work
Other Political Activities Besides Voting

If you need help:
Call the Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).

Normally this is where I say, "Vote your conscience." This year, in light of America's political upheaval, I'm saying, "Please don't saw off the branch we're standing on." Look for candidates who support policies that improve health, happiness, the environment, and other aspects of survival and sanity.

Know yourself. Know the issues. Know the candidates. VOTE.

In the Poetry Fishbowl on November 6, if you vote and post "I voted" under the linkback perk poem, that will earn you an extra verse. If you register to vote, volunteer at a registry, or otherwise participate in election activity before then, pick a linkback and I'll give you a verse.
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