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Asexual Awareness Week

This is Asexual Awareness Week. Are you asexual / aromantic / elsewhere on the spectrum? Do you know someone else who is? Have any favorite characters who are? Now is a good time to talk about that. Here is a list of discussion prompts if you need ideas.

Post about canonically asexual spectrum characters, and/or what you would like to see in future asexual representation.

In Schrodinger's Heroes, Ash and Schrodinger are canonically ace. Alex is often written that way too.

In An Army of One, most of the characters are ace and/or aro. There are only, hm, I think three couples in the series.

In Clay of Life, Yossele is ace/aro because he is a golem. He has a strong platonic relationship with Menachem the blacksmith.

Fledgling Grace has several poems about leccubi and asexual humans, such as "Infernal Passion."

In Frankenstein's Family, Igor has had little luck attracting a woman due to his twisted back, while Victor is transgender. They are not ace/aro, but have decided to stop pursuing women in favor of a queerplatonic relationship with each other. This sometimes causes similar problems as ace/aro people have from others around them.

Hart's Farm has several people on the ace/aro spectrum. Solvig is ace/aro. Ragi is aromantic demisexual homosexual, mostly celibate and mostly solitary. Rowen is biromantic asexual genderqueer.

Most of the Kung Fu Robots are asexual, aromantic, and agender since they are actually robots. But a few of them have chosen a gender or other orientation.

Most paladins in Path of the Paladins are asexual/aromantic, including the leads Shahana and Ari.

In the Origami Mage, the two leads seem to be ace/aro as they show no interest in any such activities.

Polychrome Heroics has all the QUILTBAG. Stan first discovers he is bisexual, then demisexual. Calliope is demiromantic demisexual and Vagary is unable to identify his orientation at all. Dr. Infanta is stuck at the physical and mental age of 7, thus ace/aro. Fortressa tied her sexuality to a chair, smashed it to bits, and threw it out the window. Ambrose found sex/romance to be too much trouble so he gently turned his off, then formed a queerplatonic relationship with Garry. Pips actually has a reflexive orientation -- it shifts to match his partner. So when he's with Joshua Tull, it's submissive queerplatonic, since Joshua isn't sexually attracted to men.

For more examples see Sexual Orientations in My Characters, Romantic Orientations in My Characters, and My QUILTBAG Characters. Don't see your orientation covered yet? Prompt for it in the next open prompt call!

For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, what relationship do they have with their identity? Are they out and proud? How did they discover their identity?

It varies a lot. Ash has always been ace/aro and comfortable with it. Fortressa and Ambrose actually chose theirs, in various ways. Stan was befuddled enough by the bisexual thing and when Lawrence pointed out the demisexual aspect, Stan was really stunned. He doesn't try to hide any of it, though.

Post about characters that you headcanon as asexual.

I really like ace!Hawkeye and aro!Black Widow, so I write them that way.

For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, how does their identity affect their life and relationships?

Ambrose and Garry make a great couple, very smooth. Stan is still fumbling his way toward understanding what demisexual means for him. Calliope and Vagary have an utter wreck of a bond because of their orientations -- Calliope's demi nature makes her very averse to abrupt intimacy, while Vagary is clingy as burr. Alex and Ash are very comfortable working together. The paladins mostly seem to go ace/aro because of their divine connection. It's not required, but being a paladin is very preoccupying. They do often form strong ties between mentor and novice. Fortressa runs into challenges because her lesbian minion Socket falls in love with her, and didn't mention it precisely because Socket knew that Fortressa had sworn off love.

Post about characters that you headcanon as demisexual or grey-asexual.

Steve Rogers is so obviously demi. That boy warms up slow as molasses. He's awkward about a lot of sex/romance things because he needs that time to warm up.

Vulcans, like all species who have a mating season, are sexual during it and asexual outside it. So they're asexual except for Pon Farr, which is only once every 7 years, making them graysexual in total.

For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, how do their other identities interact with their asexual spectrum identity? (i.e. romantic orientation, race, culture, gender, religion, etc.)

Every member of Damask has a different sex/gender/romance dynamic, and their races span white, black, and Italian. Keane is having a devil of a time because he is also kinky and the other headmates hate that. Clement is struggling to maintain a homoromantic asexual relationship. Ham is gay and I don't think he's even tried -- they're in a female body. I don't think the others have either.

Post about a romantic or queerplatonic/quasiplatonic relationship in fiction that you see as having one or more asexual spectrum partner(s).

Well, there's a bunch of those. Some acefolk are solitary, but mostly they want a different kind of partnership. One thing I love about Polychrome Heroics is how many different types of primary relationship there are -- it's not assumed that everyone's main one will be based on sex. Pips is the first character I found with his orientation, which I've never even heard of elsewhere. He goes for bosses, he likes bad ones and good ones in separate clusters, and he is absolutely as passionate about it as other people are about sex/romance. Watch him squishing on Joshua, it's adorable. Ambrose and Garry, Ash and Alex are quite comfortable. Rizal is amorplatonic and wound up in a queerplatonic relationship with Skink.
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