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Nontraditional Dates

One of my writer friends asked for ideas about dates for her characters. There are now lists of nontraditional date ideas, some of which are really good.

Then I started listing some examples of things I've used with Stan and Lawrence, and I realized that they've actually gone through a fantastic process of getting to know each other, including but not limited to:

Pride club and a movie

Tutoring each other

Mostly they walk in the park


Chess club



Community Supported Agriculture

Family gathering

Science crafts

Emotional intimacy questions aka demisexual pr0n

Town meeting

Visiting a museum

You can see them going back and forth, introducing each other to personal favorites, and finding things they enjoy doing together. It also shows how T-American folks tend to have a diverse selection of hobbies and other interests. \o/
Tags: fantasy, fishbowl, gender studies, how to, poetry, reading, romance, writing
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