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Location Notes for "Whose Qualities Are Thwarted"

Here are the location notes for "Whose Qualities Are Thwarted."

Car Co is a used car lot in Bluehill, Missouri. The entrance has a waiting area and a reception desk. The lounge has a kitchenette with dispensers for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate; a snack machine and a cold beverage machine; two drinking fountains; a men's room and a women's room. Not visible in this picture, there is an accessible dottie to the right of the kitchenette, and a couch on the opposite wall. Chevy's office has a desk and filing cabinets. See the storage room before and after Montay organized it.

Tucker-Lee lives in an apartment complex that has eight apartment buildings arranged in a square, with units ranging from one to three bedrooms. One building is reserved for second-shift workers and another for third-shift workers who keep a different schedule and thus need different ranges of quiet and noisy hours. Another building is customized for people with special needs, such as units designed for wheelchair users, blind people, deaf people, and so on. That's the only building with elevators; the others are all walk-ups.

This is the floor plan for Tucker-Lee's apartment. The entrance opens between the kitchen and living room. The serving window and buffet bar open into the living room., which has a couch and a loveseat. Tucker-Lee's bedroom has a full-size bed and a desk. Montay's bedroom has a twin-size bed and a desk. There is one bathroom.

The central area inside the cluster of apartment buildings includes sidewalks, parking, and a small park. The park has picnic tables, grills, and a playground. The concession stand features bathrooms, outdoor tables, and a skate dot with ramps and steps. The concession stand includes restrooms, an accessible dottie with shower, a patio with tables and chairs, and a skate dot.

Hilltop Fitness Center is one of the best gyms in Bluehill. On the floor plan, the three light gray squares to the right of the functional training and cardio areas are Healthy Touch rooms. From the top, the red one is for acupressure and other Chinese methods, the white one is for sport massage, and the blue one is for aromatherapy. The dark gray square that connects with the Youth Zone is a quiet room. The dark gray rectangle in the Administration Area is the Emotional First Aid room, and the tiny square angled below it is the physical first aid room.

The exercise area includes free weights, functional training, strength equipment, and cardio equipment.

The youth zone has its own quiet room. The child care room includes toys for younger children, along with an infant room. There is also an arts and crafts room.

The administrative area includes a reception desk and waiting room. The lobby leads to Studio 1 and Studio 2. The Spinning Studio has stationary bicycles.

The café offers healthy food. The party room hosts social activities.

The locker rooms are similar for men and women, each leading to showers. Each locker room also includes a dry sauna and a steam sauna.

Well-Mart sells healthy foods and household items. See the floor plan. It includes produce, bulk foods, groceries, meat, cleaning supplies, a deli, frozen food, health and beauty supplies. The cash registers are in the front.

Smith Auto Parts is in Ironton, Missouri. Samuel "Smitty" Smith runs the used car lot, and his brother Shaw Adam Smith runs the part shop.

This is the keychain that comes with Montay's house keys.

Montay Peyton
1021 Lobelia Street
Bluehill, MO 63652

Great Blue Lobelia, Blue Cardinal Flower - Lobelia siphilitica

The front yard of Montay's house is dominated by a large elm tree to the left of the house and a shorter mimosa to the right. Flowers and bushes climb the small hill leading up to the front door. See the floor plan. The front door opens into the living room, with Montay's bedroom on the left. His office now includes a nice chair with ergonomic features. Compare the different types of office chairs. The laundry closet stands next to the bathroom. The kitchen has a rustic look. The back yard contains a small patch of grass bordered by a lush garden of herbs and flowers along the white picket fence. The back neighbor's yard is densely wooded. The patio by the house holds a lawn table with an umbrella and four chairs. Montay has put up birdfeeders.

The Flower Garden neighborhood has small, pleasant houses. A few corners have a boarding house or a small apartment building. The gardens often match the streets, as in this one on Aster Avenue or this one on Centaurea Street.

Here is a site map for the Garden Gate Shopping Center. The green areas mark some of the garden strips. There are about 22 unnamed store slots showing on the map.
In the upper left, 100 is Sutton Shoe Repair and 110 is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 120 is Payless ShoeSource. 130 is the Affordable Family Salon. 140 is the Unwind! Bodywork Shop, shared by providers of various types. 150 is the Start Motion Studio, a fitness center with open rooms for yoga, pilates, aerobics, jazzercise, rumbacize, calisthenics, t'ai chi, meditation, and similar exercises.
In the upper middle, 160A is the Independent Living center, which offers services to seniors and people with disabilities. 170 is the CVS Pharmacy. 180 is the Commonwealth Neighborhood Clinic. 190-200 is Carter's for children's clothes. 210 is a fabric and crafts store with community space for sewing and other activities. 230 is Ross Dress for Less, a discount department store with clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and housewares. 250 is Trendy Teen, an affordable fashion store for tweens and teens. 260 is Shrewd Dude, a men's clothing store offering a wide range of apparel. 270 is Classique, a women's clothing store that sells classic garments. Both Shrewd Dude and Classique have body scanners and support capsule wardrobes. 290 is the Play Place and 300 is Early Childhood Services.
In the upper right, 535 is a convenience store and 510-530A is a gas station and ice cream shop. 520 is Ace Hardware. 540A is Mike's Mechanics, which has two car lifts but also services everything from lawnmowers to appliances. 555-580 is Jersey Mike's Subs. 543 and 543A are available.
Down the right side, 320 is Noodles & Company with the bus shelter. 330 is Habitat for Humanity Apparel with clothes and accessories; the L-shaped slot next to it is Habitat for Humanity ReStore with used furniture, appliances, and other household goods; the E between them is an emergency shelter for storms. 350 is Tuesday Morning, a discount clothing store. 370 is BuckStop, a dollar store run by the same company that issues the Greenbucks cash cards. Everything in the store costs $1, and paying with Greenbucks earns a discount. 390 is PetCo. 450 is Sprouts Farmer's Market. 470 is Office Depot. 490 is Bank of America.
In the lower middle, 1000 is MacDonald's with its bus shelter. In the lower left corner, 2000 is Chase Bank. 3000 is the Mayflower Laundromat, 3500 is the Community Computer Center and 4000 is Connie's Computer Store & Repair Shop. 5000 is the Sunshine Garden Center. 7000 is Subway. 8000 is available. 9000 is AT&T.

Garden Gate holds three different bus routes. The Common Loop has a bus shelter at Noodles & Company in the upper right corner of the map. One end of the route lies between the police station and the YMCA, and it connects a lot of shopping areas from there to the neighborhood hubs in the eastern part of town. The Park Western Route has a bus stop at the plaza alongside the upper right corner of the map. It goes through the Flower Garden and surrounding neighborhoods. The North Western Route has a bus shelter at McDonald's. It goes past the industrial/storage complex south of Cambridge Commons to the edge of town.

The plaza serves as a bus stop for a different line than the one that runs past Noodles & Company. The Park Western Route goes through the Flower Garden and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sells hot beverages.

180 is the Commonwealth Neighborhood Clinic. On the floor plan, the two rounded points are reception and waiting rooms. The two large angled rooms adjacent to them are emergency rooms. The four rooms in between are physical exam rooms. The right side has, from bottom to top, basic offices for dentistry, vision, hearing, and telemedicine. The large right-angle room is a group therapy room, bracketed by bathrooms with roll-in showers. The four offices to the right offer mental care, and the first on the left is a Healthy Touch room. The center section has a pharmacy and a medical equipment store.

Shrewd Dude is a T-American clothing store for men that supports a wide range of formulas for capsule wardrobes. They carry everything from hats through clothes to shoes, mostly in midrange quality and prices. Style ranges from casual to business, with most of the items in the middle. Staff are trained to assist men, and they have a body scanner. So you can walk in, tell them what colors and dress mode(s) you want, set a budget, and they'll dress you for it. You can pick a capsule if you want to, but it's not required; the staff can suit one to your price range and clothing needs. It's an easy and relatively affordable way to fill a closet with essentials that look nice together, for men who don't like fiddling around with fashion themselves but want to look decent.

Classique is a T-American store which sells women's clothes in a classic style at midrange prices. They stock mostly basic items of high quality, prevailingly neutrals but also a good selection of accent colors and accessories. It's a great place to shop for scarves. They carry things like suits (pants and/or skirt), dress pants, skirts, nice blouses that wear well over time, dresses, and coats. Staff are trained to assist women, and they have several brands of body scanner.

The pergola outside Noodles & Company serves as a bus shelter. In the background to the left, you can see a public housing apartment building.

Tuesday Morning Corporation sells discounted designer clothes and merchandise.

T-America provides subsidies to companies that place grocery stores in poor neighborhoods, which helps prevent the problem of food deserts. Sprouts receives government grants for its location in the Garden Gate Shopping Center.

The Community Computer Center offers online access.

Outside the Sunshine Garden Center lies a butterfly garden full of native plants. In this picture, you can also see the picnic tables set out for Subway customers who want to eat outside and watch the butterflies.

Throughout the parking lot, the dividers are raised beds with the soil bermed up into low hills. This provides space for plants that prefer dry soil, like that yellow coreopsis. In the upper left background, you can see a bridge over the rain garden.

The rain garden collects runoff from the parking lot. Here you can see the rain garden running toward the Sunshine Garden Center. It extends from the parking lot out into the surrounding neighborhood.

Skogli Park is a small neighborhood park in the Flower Garden neighborhood of Bluehill. It has a 2-acre marsh, a 2-acre pond, and a 1-acre playground surrounded by another 5 acres of lawn and forest. A dense band of trees borders the entire park, providing audiovisual seclusion from the rest of the town. Skogli Park only has a few amenities such as the accessible dock, pavilions and picnic tables, playground, outdoor classroom, showerhouse, trails, and bus shelter. It lacks the size and the sport facilities common in more affluent neighborhoods, but it appeals to people who prefer a more rustic sort of park.

The Garden Gate rain garden lets out into a marsh surrounded by Skogli Park, nicknamed Soggy Park. This marsh filters the runoff from parking lots, so that relatively clean water flows into Punkinseed Pond. During heavy rains, the whole meadow floods, bounded by the higher band of trees, which reduces the risk of flooding for the nearby neighborhood.

The marsh then drains into Punkinseed Pond. This pond is a 2-acre borrow pit stocked with bluegill, pumpkinseed, catfish, and large-mouth bass. Most of the time, the bank rises several feet above the waterline, allowing the pond to absorb a great deal of runoff before flooding. The park has a few pavilions, picnic tables, and grills alongside the pond.


Bluehill Flower Garden Neighborhood Skogli Park Punkinseed Pond Accessible Dock
Punkinseed Pond is a short distance from the parking lot and there is an outdoor shelter located off the parking lot. The pond includes a handicap-accessible fishing dock with benches.

A nature playground invites visitors ramble around. With most materials harvested from the park itself, only a few other items like fasteners needed to be purchased in order to construct this feature. The nature playground includes a loose parts pit. Large logs surround a pit full of pea gravel. Tree cookies, branches, rocks, and other items provide a natural building set. Other than the pea gravel, these cost little or nothing to provide. When pieces wear out or wander away, they are easily replaced by holding a loose parts party and encouraging everyone to bring an item to contribute.

Adjacent to the nature playground, Big Oak Outdoor Classroom offers a place for presentations and storytelling. It was built primarily from salvaged wood.

The hiking trails are just narrow dirt lines, little more than deerpaths, skirting the edges of the park. They are easy to moderate in challenge level, but not wheelchair accessible. This one runs along the forest edge beside the marsh. The perimeter trail is about 2/3 mile long.

A shared-use path cuts through Skogli Park, funded by Bluehill's avid bicycle association. It is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. This stretch shows where the marsh empties into Punkinseed Pond. It runs about 1/4 mile long.

Skogli Park has one showerhouse. The men's side and women's side each have three toilets, sinks, and showers. There are also two accessible dotties, each with one toilet, sink, and shower. Water fountains are hidden behind the privacy walls.

There is also a bus shelter serving the park.

The Flower Garden Neighborhood holds the Concord Community Garden.

The Hillton Business Center is on Blackberry Lane near Briarwood Park. It consists primarily of small offices around the parking lot. This side has the Sheemore Irish Restaurant (with the green and orange awnings) and the Ironclad Concern (with the blue and white awnings). Most people think that the restaurant's name is an anglicized version of Sí Mór (Big Fairy Mound) as in the song, but it actually comes from Síth Mór (Great Peace). The small building on the end has been a real estate office, a law office, and various other things before its current incarnation as Ironclad Concern. Since the Marionettes have agreed to follow the laws in Iron County, they've turned their interests to property flipping as a way of making money to fund activities in America. That's a great fit for Missouri with its high rate of poverty, as there are many properties available cheaply that can be improved and resold at a profit.

A concern is a type of business group.

Gaelic has several words which can be translated as ‘peace.’ If we are talking about the end of war or disorder, then try sìth which is pronounced in a similar way to the English word ‘she.’

"Sí Beag, Sí Mór" ("Small Fairy Mound, Big Fairy Mound") is a famous folks tune. The Sídhe are Irish faeries.

Iron County has 22.9% poverty.

Here is the floor plan for Ironclad Concern. The reception and waiting room is on the front left and the conference room on the front right. Montay gets the middle right office between the conference room and the common office. The common office is in the back right corner, adjacent to Montay's office and Ruggiero's office. Ruggiero's office is in the back left corner, adjacent to the common office and the lounge. The lounge is in the middle left, between Ruggiero's office and the bathroom. A refrigerator and freezer are located along the lefthand wall, not visible in this picture. The bathroom is in the middle left, between the lounge and the reception area.

The Italians share a condominium on Sturgeon Row aka Surgeon's Row. From the entrance, the door to the right leads to the laundry closet and common bathroom. To the left is hallway to the master bedroom. The great room lies ahead, with a fireplace. The double doors in the great room lead to the master bedroom. The double doors between the pillars lead to the outside. The double doors between there and the kitchen lead to the master bedroom. The dining room is part of the great room. With the doors open, you can see into the spare bedroom. The kitchen has a dining bar.

A hallway leads to the master bedroom. It has a balcony. The master bathroom opens into the bedroom. The master bedroom has a deep closet and a wide closet.

The spare bedroom looks into the living room. It has a loveseat and a closet.

The common bathroom includes a walk-in shower. This is the laundry closet.

The condo has a balcony. Here is the view looking over Lake Iolite on Sturgeon Road. Lake Iolite is famed for its ability to change color, even showing several colors at the same time.
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