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Character Notes for "Whose Qualities Are Thwarted"

Here are the character notes for "Whose Qualities Are Thwarted."

Montay Peyton -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and black hair cut short. He wears a short mustache and beard. His heritage includes French, Italian, Spanish, and Swiss. He speaks English, French, and American Sign Language. Montay lives in Bluehill, Missouri. He studied horticulture at college but had to drop out. That has left him broke and staying in a spare room belonging to his friend Tucker-Lee Kembel. He's a good neighbor, though, and adept at spotting opportunities. Montay doesn't have a career, but he can do many basic jobs. Recently he worked at Car Co, a used car lot at the edge of town. It has one salesman, Christopher "Chevy" Carson, who hired Montay to help with the office, cleaning, and moving cars around the parking lot. Now he works at Ironclad Concern as a local consultant for the Italian business.
Qualities: Good (+2) Jack-of-All-Trades, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence, Good (+2) Neighbor, Good (+2) Serendipity, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Brokeass Broke

Montay's computer wallet holds a small flat tablet computer, cards, and cash.

Ruggiero (Gaetan Costa) -- He has olive skin, brown eyes, and straight dark brown hair. He is tall, broad, and muscular. He has a Taurus birthday. Gaetan has a knack for languages. He is fluent in Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Esperanto. He knows some Russian and Japanese. He has developed a great deal of finesse with his Super-Strength over the years.
Ruggiero worked first as an enforcer, and also as a bodyguard for his mentor. When Giuseppe became the current Puppetmaster, he promoted Ruggiero to lieutenant, with a steadily increasing range of responsibilities since then. Ruggiero is a confident and competent leader -- as long as he's within his defined assignment or reaching down the ladder of authority. Outside that, he needs assurance from above that he's doing the right thing.
Despite his background in breaking heads, Ruggiero is actually rather gentle at heart, much like the Puppetmaster. He is very fond of Olympia, his comare, or mob girlfriend; and his personal bodyguard, Liborio Dinapoli. Ruggiero's tastes in the bedroom are almost entirely straight and vanilla; but he is comfortably bisensual for cuddling, happy to have Liborio and Olympia meeting each other's more exotic interests, and they often sleep as a threesome. More recently, Ruggiero has become attached to Glyn Bradstreet, whom he and Liborio rescued from a pack of bullies, viewing her as a daughter-in-Family.
Ruggiero carries a piece of steel in his pocket to use as a stress toy. He has a heavy gold ring set with an emerald-cut tourmaline, so dark a green that it's almost black, and bracketed by delicate filigree. He has since copied the filigree pattern, by hand, to make a tie tack for himself.
Origin: A family tragedy left Gaetan alone on the streets of Italy as a young boy. He survived by begging, stealing, and committing other crimes. Sometimes he fell prey to older, larger people who wanted to take advantage of him. Around ten, the stress of one particularly awful struggle triggered his Super-Strength. At first, he had little control and left a few mangled bodies from people who tried to hurt him. This attracted the attention of Giuseppe Mondadori, then working as Il Dottore for the old Puppetmaster, and who later became the current Puppetmaster. Giuseppe took him off the street, brought him into the Family, patched up as much of the psychological damage as possible, and encouraged him to develop his skills.
Uniform: Ruggiero usually dresses in fine Italian suits; he has them in linen, wool, silk, and even coon. He favors warm neutrals such as dark cream, tan, or chocolate for his suits, hence brown dress shoes. The outfit is often brightened with a more vivid tie; he likes Italian paisley silk, but goes through them rather fast because he tends to appropriate them for other purposes.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Mob Boss, Good (+2) Backbone, Good (+2) Compassionate, Good (+2) First Aid, Good (+2) Languages, Good (+2) Making Contacts, Good (+2) Secret Codes, Good (+2) Stand-Up Guy, Good (+2) Tough Guy
Poor (-2) Needs Assurance
Powers: Good (+2) Super-Strength
Motivation: Keep a lid on it, but don't block the safety valve.

Liborio Dinapoli -- He has olive skin, brown eyes, and short black hair with a tidy beard and moustache. He comes from a satellite family connected with the Marionettes, originally from Naples. Liborio has two younger sisters; Lucinda is engaged to be married. One of his sisters, who is not involved with the Business, has four children: two boys and two girls, half adopted and half homemade, all under the age of ten. Liborio is very close with his immediate family.
Liborio got involved with the Business as soon as he turned 18. He started out working as a button man, impersonal bodyguard, and even took some of the comare training. But he always aspired to becoming a personal bodyguard. When he was 21, he attached himself to Ruggiero and has stayed there ever since. Liborio likes working for Ruggiero, serving as his personal bodyguard and second-in-command. His training includes protection, personal service, information gathering, and a significant amount of both ordinary and super first aid. He often uses "Leo" as a cover name on missions.
In the bedroom, Liborio is comfortably bisensual for cuddling and often sleeps alongside Ruggiero and Olympia. Liborio is also kinky, more into sensual things like bondage and spanking than heavier stuff. He and Olympia match up for exotic, nonsexual activities because Ruggiero isn't into that.
Liborio is kind of a clothes-horse but rarely chooses or buys his own outfits. Olympia loves to take him out shopping and dress him up. Ruggiero enjoys providing for his people. Liborio feels good following orders. Everyone has fun.
Origin: As a young bodyguard, Liborio took a lot of hits, which eventually activated his Tough superpower. It's not obvious, so it's not very widely known. One time he got captured by a rival Family, and his captors discovered that hitting him just didn't have much effect. So they started taking turns to see who could leave a mark on him. Word got out, whereupon the Puppetmaster promptly sent Ruggiero to rescue Liborio and to send a message that "You don't do this." By then Liborio was thoroughly concussed, sporting a lot of bruises and some broken bones, and had to be more-or-less poured into the back of Ruggiero's car. But after that, the two of them became inseparable.
Uniform: Fashionable clothes, sometimes fine Italian suits, other times more casual dress. He favors cool neutrals, primarily gray or white but also black, and deep blues; so usually gray or black dress shoes. He uses matching handkerchiefs and ties to brighten his wardrobe, often in geometric patterns, and is particular enough about his clothes that he packs them to match. Liborio isn't quite as quick as Ruggiero to sacrifice his ties for other purposes, but won't hesitate to do so in an emergency. There are a lot of emergencies, so he still goes through a lot of ties.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Bodyguard, Expert (+4) Ordinary First Aid, Good (+2) Fashionably Elegant, Good (+2) Soup First Aid, Good (+2) Stand-up Guy, Good (+2) Marksman
Powers: Good (+2) Tough
Motivation: To protect and nurture.

This is one of Liborio's tie and handkerchief sets., made of Italian silk.

Olympia (Iniga Cucinotta) -- She has olive skin, green eyes, and long black hair. Sometimes she leaves her hair straight, other times dresses it up in curls. Her upper arms are decorated with mob tattoos. She has generous breasts and hips framing a slim waist. Iniga just plain looks like sex on the hoof. This makes it easy to underestimate her considerable intelligence. Despite her intense feminity, she actually has a butch edge too, which shows in her formidable combat skills and temper. She comes from the very fringes of the Family contacts, not a very well-to-do part, originally from Sicily. She has several brothers, and her parents considered it fine for them to work for the Family, but not for her. She has a Scorpio birthday.
Olympia's superpower is Pheromones. That comes with enhanced sense of smell, fluent control over her internal hormones, and the ability to gauge the biochemical signals that other people's bodies give off. Her power rank is primarily about her range and the amount of force she can use; she can't compel people, only urge, and the range is about room size. But within those parameters, her finesse is exquisite and she excels at using what she has. She can make people lust after her or fear her; she can give comfort or courage; all the things that pheromones usually do but ramped up to super level.
Olympia is Ruggiero's comare, or mob girlfriend. He fell in love with her because she's not afraid of him at all, and her fierce personality prods him into motion so he doesn't fall into a rut. She doesn't mind that his bedroom tastes are, by her standards, downright tame -- because he freely shares her with Liborio so that she can satisfy her other needs. In the field, Olympia is formidable in her own right, and people who think she can be stuffed into a refrigerator tend not to survive the attempt. Her comare training includes self-defense, some offense, information gathering, entertaining, some first aid, general nurturing, and a diversity of erotic skills. She often uses "Olivia" as a cover name on missions. She practices Fior di Battaglia, an Italian martial art for comares, specializing in cloak-and-dagger and unarmed combat.
Her background has left her with a fondness for material goods that can be a weakness in some circumstances. Olympia is no longer bribable, but was in the past, and is still sensitive about that. She loves fashionable clothes and fine jewelry. Presents of any kind delight her. But she's not selfish; she's just as happy to dress up other people as herself, especially Liborio.
Origin: Her Pheromone powers came in at puberty. They are quite subtle, as superpowers go, and very few people people know what she can do. But she smells, unless she's putting out the scent-dampener. She doesn't wear perfume, it's all natural; she usually has a compelling, head-turning scent.
Uniform: Fashionable clothes, usually from Italian designers. She likes large, eye-catching jewelry. Occasionally at home, she borrows clothes from Ruggiero or Liborio.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Comare, Good (+2) Feisty, Good (+2) Fior di Battaglia, Good (+2) Smart
Poor (-2) Material Girl
Powers: Average (0) Pheromones
Motivation: Using her allure to create a lifestyle which is both secure and exciting.

Christopher "Chevy" Carson -- He has fair skin and brown eyes. His hair used to be brown, but now is gray turning to white and also receding in front. He has a short white beard. Chevy owns and runs Car Co in Bluehill, Missouri. He loves negotiation and makes fair deals, but he's a tough boss.
Qualities: Good (+2) Fair-minded, Good (+2) Knows Half the Town, Good (+2) Stamina, Good (+2) Used Car Salesman, Good (+2) Vintage Car Fan
Poor (-2) Difficult Boss

Tucker-Lee Kembel -- He has fair skin, hazel eyes, and short strawberry blond hair. He has a double spiral tattoo on his right forearm. He has an old, faint scar on his neck from where a gang member tried to slit his throat, plus a newer and much thicker one lower down from a failed surgery to restore his voice. He wears a yellow T-mem bracelet around his left wrist with his medical records in case of emergency. Tucker-Lee is studying appliance repair at the Jim Talent School of Vocational Technology near Bluehill, Missouri. Good with his hands but not with people, he hopes to find a job at a repair shop where he can just sit in a back room and fix things. He rents a two-bedroom apartment and lets his friend Montay Peyton crash in the smaller bedroom. Montay knows American Sign Language so he can translate for Tucker-Lee when necessary.
Qualities: Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Mechanical Intelligence, Good (+2) Neighbor, Good (+2) Pagan, Good (+2) Votec Student
Poor (-2) Mute
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