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Character Notes for "In the Tremor of the Earthquake"

Here are the character notes for "In the Tremor of the Earthquake."

Candace [Candy] Cain

Height: 5’3”
Eyes: Green
DoB: 29/12/1989

Hair: white & red stripes

Born in Boston, Mass, lived there for the first 12 years of her life. Father died in a car accident during a family camping trip, when they were clipped by an truck, which sent the family car spinning off the road and into a river. Father [ Henry, Charles] died on impact with truck. Mother [Barbara] was injured and trapped, as the car sank.

Candace who was in the back seat was unharmed, but unable to escape.

They were saved by the Super-hera Ms Amazing [who witnessed the accident in her civilian identity] . Ms Amazing used her super-strength to tear open the car door and rescue them, but was unable to revive Henry.

Candace developed a case of hero-worship, writing to Ms Amazing on a regular basis in subsequent years. Ms Amazing’s public relations agent did not forward the letters. Candy continued to write, as her home-life deteriorated she became fixated on Ms Amazing, who became a surrogate parental figure, her mother being emotionally absent due to post-traumatic depression and PTSD.

Candy developed into a crayon soup not long after the crash… but kept hoping for ‘real’ powers.

When these didn’t manifest, she started working for SPOON in voluntary capacity. While doing that she discovered that Ms Amazing had retired, and was in an assisted living care facility in Baton Rouge. [Ms Amazing, real name Claire Shaw, had family in the area]

Candy [now age 20] went to visit, and found Ms Amazing suffering from early on-set dementia and advanced osteoarthritis. [side effects of continued over-use of her power to ‘boost’ her metabolism giving her super-speed, super-strength etc.]

Candy remained in Baton Rouge, caring for Claire Shaw, as her own family were unable or unwilling to do so. In process Candy gained a number of certifications in therapy and care and eventually wound up working for SPOON in a soup liaison role [although not directly]

After the events with Ashley resulted in her being fired, and her ‘reality tunnel’ being ruptured, followed by the events with Bernadette in “Hot Pink Mess” Candy travelled, looking for answers and exploring her self identity.

She wound up in Mercedes, after a traumatic journey, which resulted in a secondary break-through and the triggering/development of her ability to manifest temporary solid-light constructs, which are tied to her subconscious emotional state. [although with practice she is learning voluntary control of the ability.]

Uniform: Candy likes pink.. she never grew out of her ‘everything girly pink’ phase. She has the type of complexion that works well with it. Typically she will wear clothing in some shade of pink, from pastels though to screaming Hot!Pink! or fuchsia, although she favours the bolder, redder end of that spectrum, She does not have a specific ‘uniform’ unless you count hot pink biker leathers.

Candy also has a secret love of all things sparkily and/or glittery.. which she (reluctantly) suppressed when she turned 18, as she thought it wasn’t ‘adult’. [it’s possible this contributed to her secondary power development]

Qualities: Expert [+4] Organisational Skills, Expert [+4] Bureaucracy wrangler, Good [+2] Determined/tenatious
Poor [-2] Self-awareness

Powers: Average [0] Solid-light projections, Average [0] Person of Interest to The Powers That Be (although technically not exactly a power as such, more an affliction.)

Motivation: To Help. (primarily soups, but not exclusively)

Art by Siliconshaman

Dave -- Around 28-30, green eyes and murky blond-brown hair, very streaky, cut to a barely visible buzz beneath his work uniform baseball cap. He wears his cap almost always when out of the house. It is black, with a bright red shield patch with white star of life on it (to differentiate from local “official” services which is white patch with blue star of life). Specifically under “improvised tools," if the need arises, Dave explains a lot of the things he improvises as, “I was a Boy Scout.” He's quite proud of the skills. He resents forks, often getting into arguments with such bigots, although he never takes it beyond a verbal level.
Dave takes huge risks to get to injured people in the middle of a soup battle, reckless in the face of danger to himself. His driving skill excludes zoomwagons; otherwise, if it's got wheels, he can drive it. His management skills include knowledge of FEMA procedures, local procedures, etc. for all kinds of emergencies. He also makes a very good witness for police or other authorities.
He is part of the Soup to Nuts crew.
Origin: When Dave was a sophomore in high school, and his little sister Amy just entering junior high, she began flickering. One particular flicker left her with heavy, dense scales (dark green, woodsy color rather than bright), and when her power flickered again, the scales flaked off, more and more with each flicker. EMT’s responding to the school refused to treat “that lizard thing” and she died of blood loss. When the parents sued for wrongful death, both for the school (delaying the call to 911) and the EMT/ambulance service (refusing to treat), Dave became very, very determined to help, no matter what.
Uniform: Private company, uniform is red camp shirt, black insets underarm
and sides. Work jacket is windbreaker with red details (to differentiate
from city & county responders, who are light blue/dark blue combo).
Qualities: Master (+6) Paramedic, Expert (+4) Accurate Communication, Expert (+4) Assessing the Situation, Expert (+4) Driver, Expert (+4) Emergency Situation Management, Expert (+4) Visual Memory, Good (+2) Brave, Good (+2) Calm in a Crisis, Good (+2) Friends on the Force, Good (+2) Improvised Tools, Good (+2) Kind
Poor (-2) No Sense of Self-preservation, Poor (-2) Shut Up, You Fork!
Motivation: Help those with special medical needs… including soups.

Fleetwood (Sayeshan Datta) -- He has tinted skin, brown eyes, and short black hair. He speaks English, Hindu, Pashto, and Punjabi. Kraken rescued him from a poor village near the border of India and Pakistan, after he provided first aid to one of their members. They set him up for school and paramedic training. However, Fleetwood realized that combat medicine is not for him, and left the organization in search of other opportunities as a paramedic.
Origin: Uncertain, but contamination from munitions is suspected. The whole area along the border between India and Pakistan has been fought over so much that it's a mess.
Uniform: On duty, a paramedic uniform. Off duty, casual men's wear.
Qualities: Good (+2) Compassion, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Paramedic, Good (+2) Rock Guitarist, Good (+2) Wilderness Skills
Poor (-2) Combat Medic
Powers: Average (0) Super-Speed
Motivation: To help others.

Cody Levitin -- He has pinkish-fair skin, coffee-brown eyes, and wavy golden-brown hair cut short. He is tall and slim with big hands and feet. He speaks English and Spanish. Cody was visiting Mercedes, California when the mall incident happened, and Cold Cash accidentally iced him to the floor, where they were subsequently rescued by the zoomwagon team from Soup to Nuts. That inspired Cody to pursue first responder training. He took a 2-month course for Emotional First Aide-Basic followed by a 2-month course for Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. Later he took a 4-month course in Emotional First Aide-Intermediate followed by a 4-month course in Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate. He also trained with Dave in handling adrenaline rushes. Cody is an active citizen and has decided to stay in Mercedes, although its occasional fork tendencies exasperate him. Cody was 18 at the time of the incident and is 20 at the time of the Cascadia Cataclysm. He is fascinated by mechanical things even though he hasn't had an opportunity to study them in detail.
Qualities: Good (+2) Adrenaline Resilience, Good (+2) Citizen, Good (+2) Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate, Good (+2) Emotional First Aide-Intermediate, Good (+2) Observant
Poor (-2) Hates the Cold

Havilah -- She has fair skin, brown eyes, and long straight brown hair with hints of red and blonde. She lives in San José, California but spends a lot of time at Soup to Nuts in Mercedes, trying to cope with family drama over her superpowers and striving to control them.
Origin: She fell asleep on the beach, and her brothers tried to bury her completely in the sand. She gained superpowers.
Uniform: Casual women's clothes, usually beach wear.
Qualities: Good (+2) Graceful, Good (+2), Helpful, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence
Poor (-2) Family Drama
Powers: Good (+2) Beach Powers
She draws strength from the beach and can heal people with saltwater.
Motivation: To figure out her life.

Beach Powers include Coast Manipulation, Water Empowerment, and Saltwater Healing.

Ying Fu Yue -- The personal name is Ying (盈 full [of], overflowing). The generation name is Fu (芙 (fú) meaning "hibiscus, lotus"), shared among dozens of people in the clan. The surname is Yue (岳 tall mountain), originally the first name in China but moved to last in America. Ying Fu has golden skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and slate-gray hair cut short. He is tall and sturdy with a round face. He is married with two children, a son and a daughter. They belong to a large extended family. Ying Fu runs the Lucky Cricket Chinese Restaurant in Mercedes, California as part of the Super Service Station across from Soup to Nuts.
Qualities: Master (+6) Chinese Cook, Expert (+4) Family Man, Expert (+4) , Good (+2) California History, Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Memory
Poor (-2) Working Alone

(義/义) is the upholding of righteousness and the moral disposition to do good.

Bubblewrap (Jovie Lyng) -- She has fair skin, blue eyes, and straight white-blonde hair to her shoulders. She is 16 years old at the time of the Cascadia Cataclysm. She lives in Modesto, California. Bubblewrap uses her forcefields to protect people while teleporting, for an exceptionally safe and smooth ride. This would be great if she were more reliable, but as a teenager she is still prone to flaking out. That's why she couldn't stay on the cheerleading team.
Origin: At a friend's birthday party, the bubble solution in the foam machine was contaminated with unknown substances. Most of the teens just got sick, but Jovie developed superpowers.
Uniform: Teen girl fashions. She loves neon colors.
Qualities: Good (+2) Athletic, Good (+2) Navigation, Good (+2) Perky, Good (+2) Popular
Poor (-2) Flaky
Powers: Good (+2) Forcefields, Good (+2) Teleportation
Motivation: To be liked.

Uma Gray Cloud -- She has copper skin, black eyes, and long straight black hair. Her heritage is Hispanic and Mono, and she's actually fluent in both communities. She speaks English, Nim, and Spanish. Growing up, Uma spent a lot of time in the Big Sandy Rancheria and the barrios of Fresno, California. She is currently attending the University of California, Fresno for a Bachelor of Science in Criminology - Victimology and a Minor in American Indian Studies. Uma is a gray cape teleporter.
Origin: The cheap reservation housing caught fire when she was twelve, and Uma came out of it with superpowers.
Uniform: Comfortable women's clothes, often in dark neutrals.
Qualities: Good (+2) Activist, Good (+2) Community Awareness, Good (+2) Flexible, Good (+2) Survival Skills, Good (+2) Tough
Poor (-2) Dealing with White People
Powers: Good (+2) Smoke Powers
Her abilities include Prayer, Smoke Control, Smoke Form, and Teleportation.
Motivation: To stand up for her people.

Fresno County is home to the Mono tribe. See a map of California tribes.

The Big Sandy Rancheria of Mono Indians of California is located in Fresno County, California.

Barrio is a Spanish word for ghetto.

Obduro (Cidro Robledo) -- He has tinted skin, black eyes, and short dark hair that bleaches with sandy streaks in the sun. He earned an athletic scholarship to the California State University, Fresno where he belongs to the Men's Cross-Country and Wrestling teams. He is studying toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science. Obduro is the boyfriend of Reseda. They are gray capes who grew up in a ghetto in Fresno, California and have taken a somewhat rough approach to life as a result.
Origin: Cidro bought health supplements on the street, and wound up with superpowers. He conceals his abilities at college to avoid losing his athletic scholarship. He doesn't use them to cheat, though.
Uniform: Comfortable men's clothes, often atheletic wear.
Qualities: Good (+2) Athlete, Good (+2) Gamer, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Reseda's Boyfriend, Good (+2) Street Fighting
Poor (-2) Christian
Powers: Good (+2) Human Tank
He has Force Shields, Mass Shifting, Super-Armor, Super-Strength, and Super-Toughness.
Limitation: He can only use two of his abilities at the same time. Using more requires Hero Points.
Motivation: To protect Reseda.

Fresno, California is famously unsafe.

Reseda (Gladis Escamilla) -- She has fair skin that tans easily, brown eyes, and long straight hair of dark brown. Gladis earned a scholarship to the Fresno City College where she earned EMT-Basic certification and is now studying toward an Associate of Science in Nursing. She is the girlfriend of Obduro. They are gray capes who grew up in a ghetto in Fresno, California and have taken a somewhat rough approach to life as a result.
Origin: Many other people in the Escamilla family work in health care, so her Healing may be a family gift.
Uniform: Comfortable women's clothes. She likes coral and turquoise.
Qualities: Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Gamer, Good (+2) Medic, Good (+2) Obduro's Girlfriend
Poor (-2) Sense of Self-Preservation
Powers: Good (+2) Healing
Limitation: She cannot heal herself.
Motivation: To save people.

See the Her Tank / His Healer t-shirts that Obduro and Reseda wear.

Snatcher (Darkeem de Rei) -- He has chestnut skin, brown eyes, and nappy black hair buzzed almost down to nothing. He is strong with well-defined muscles. Snatcher is a supervillain who captures superheroes or other authorities and teleports them safely away from the conflict zone. He enjoys traveling the world, seeing the sights, talking about them and comparing favorites with other travelers. He's very gregarious. Although he can hold down a job, he likes to move around and switch activities often. He is not good at sticking with projects that take a long time to complete.
Origin: Growing up in rough neighborhoods, he worked as a lookout for drug peddlers. One day a speeding car lost control and headed right for his boss. Snatcher knocked his boss out of the way -- and they landed on the far side of town.
Uniform: Men's activewear, mostly in dark colors with occasional accents of something brighter. On duty, Snatcher prefers dexflan and capery; off duty, he may choose ordinary fabrics.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Athletic, Good (+2) Observant, Good (+2) Supervillain Henchman, Good (+2) Tourist
Poor (-2) Lengthy Projects
Powers: Master (+6) Teleportation
His range is global. His speed and finesse are excellent. However, his weight limit isn't very high; he can rarely take more than two passengers at a time, and prefers to carry singles. When startled or injured, he tends to teleport back to the last place he teleported from, which means that on dangerous missions he likes to make interim jumps to a secure landing pad in a hospital. That isn't always feasible, which can cause problems.
Motivation: "I've never lost a passenger."

Baldric Donley -- He has pinkish-fair skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair with a short beard and mustache. He dropped out of high school because people kept picking on him, and every time they went too far, he beat the shit out of someone and then adults nagged him to be a better victim. After he developed superpowers, he got his GED and took paramedic training, although he is a better healer than a paramedic. Now Baldric works as a supervillain combat medic. To cope with his high-stress job, he takes regular vacations and enjoys tourist attractions around the world.
Origin: He started out as an enforcer. When he and some buddies got caught in a terrible firefight, Baldric dragged them to safety. He manifested Healing and saved them all.
Uniform: Practical men's clothes, often combat fatigues in black or dark gray.
Qualities: Good (+2) Courage, Good (+2) Fighter, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Tough, Good (+2) Tourist
Poor (-2) Temper
Powers: Average (0) Healer
Motivation: To keep people alive.

This is Baldric's healer tank top.

Ripcord (Chad Cordoba) -- He has tinted skin, brown eyes, and black hair which he shaves off. He is tall and robust, with a powerful body. His heritage includes Argentinian, German, and British. Chad enjoys games that can be played with cards, dice, other portable materials, or improvised on the spot. He drives the way a fighter pilot flies, fast and rough; and he teleports the same way.
After completing his tour of duty in the Army, Ripcord went to work for SPOON. He specializes in teleporting people into and out of combat or other dangerous situations. He also provides transport for people who may benefit from added security or just having a big badass on their side. Ripcord is stronger in terms of passenger weight and distance than on finesse. He is also nearly untraceable in transit.
Origin: During deployment, his parachute failed to open. Chad teleported, landed safely, and completed the mission anyway.
Uniform: Although no longer in active service, Chad still favors camo fabric and clothes with Army motifs.
Qualities: Master (+6) Grit, Expert (+4) Paratrooper, Expert (+4) Protective, Good (+2) Alertness, Good (+2) Military Family, Good (+2) Portable Games
Poor (-2) Not a Luxury Ride
Powers: Expert (+4) Teleporting
Motivation: "This I defend."

Geordie Beckham -- He has fair skin with freckles, brown eyes, and short wavy brown hair. He lives with his parents in Westbord, but the whole family customarily travels together for his father's business conventions. An enthusiastic athlete, Geordie excels at learning with his body. He does less well in academic classes, but not enough to flounder. Geordie has always had a variety of mental and physical quirks which have led to many different diagnoses, none of which seem to fit perfectly. Among those are autistic spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.
Origin: Geordie has recently begun flickering in puberty.
Uniform: Casual clothes typical of teenage boys. He often wears blue, his favorite color.
Qualities: Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Sensitive, Good (+2) Spelunking, Good (+2) Team Sports
Poor (-2) Self-Doubt
Powers: Earth Powers (flickering)
Geordie has always been sensitive, with a lot of quirks, but now he really can't tolerate being off the ground. Airplane rides in particular have become prohibitively miserable. The flickering makes it difficult to determine what is going on or how to help. He may be developing Earth Powers, Direction Sense, Energy Manipulation, and/or Teleportation, all of which can be disoriented by travel or loss of ground contact.
Motivation: Figure out what's happening to him.

Carnation (Minda Dahlin) -- She has tawny-fair skin, blue-gray eyes, and wavy pink hair past her shoulders. She is tall with a long face. A former teen mother, she is now 25 and her daughter is Naya is 10. Carnation works as a peer counselor at the Portland State University for students who are expecting or parenting. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Women's Studies with certificates in Human Lactation and Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. Then Carnation went back to earn a Master of Science in Counselor Education: Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. She is currently working toward an Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate.
Origin: At 14, Minda was molested by her uncle, and at 15 she gave birth to a baby girl. After the birth, her hair began turning pink.
Uniform: Casual women's clothes, often in dark colors.
Qualities: Good (+2) Compassion, Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Mother, Good (+2) Psychology Student, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Relationship with Her Birth Family
Powers: Expert (+4) Empathy
Motivation: To make it better.
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