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Bald Eagle in Our Yard!

Today we went out to run errands, and a bald eagle flew out of our yard!  :D 3q3q3q!!!  It paced the car for a few seconds, right at eye level, so I got a crystal-clear view of the head and tail lights.  Huge bird.  We saw a redtailed hawk a little farther down the road and it looked so much smaller in comparison. 

The eagle looped around back to the yard, the way our owls do, so maybe we'll see it again someday.  We actually have everything eagles like except for waterfront, and the drainage creeks aren't far away -- eagles have huge territories.  We have tall trees, some with standing snags, and lots of open field to hunt in.  I suspect the raptors are out looking for rodents swarming the fields after harvest.  There's spilled grain everywhere and no cover, so excellent hunting.

This is so awesome.  I am as excited as the time a bird landed on me and sang for a couple minutes.  \o/ 
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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