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Location Notes for "Indispensable to Each Other"

These are the location notes for "Indispensable to Each Other."

This map of America shows Tulsa, Oklahoma along with other cities and states.

The Doubletree Hilton Hotel bends around a front courtyard. This walking trail loops around the grounds and includes park benches. It has both smooth slopes and stairs so people can choose their preferred style. The center green offers outdoor space for group activities. Here is the floor plan for the hotel.

The first floor begins with the International Foyer. See the women's restroom and men's restroom. Alongside the men's restroom are two accessible dotties. Each has a sink with kneespace and adjustable mirror, a toilet with grab bars, a padded changing bench big enough for adults, and a linen closet with washcloths, emergency clothes, diapers in assorted sizes, and other supplies. The Healthy Human Vending Village offers machines with different contents. In T-America, the Super Human Snacks line is designed by Kraken with supplements of trace nutrients that superpowers burn through faster. In T-America, Hippie Chips come from the Happy Hippie company, and Boom Chicka Pop from Hot Chicks. Hot meals come in a tray, which the vending machine heats before dispensing. The cold one puts out chocolate protein ice cream, among other things. The cedar cafeteria tables in the vending village are accessible.

The International Ballroom can be subdivided. It also has some portable room dividers for smaller divisions.

The Council Oak Ballroom has its own foyer. Quiet cubicles for phone calls or private meetings line the Council Oak Foyer.

In the Keystone Quiet Room, couches line the walls and fruit baskets stand on the tables.

Remington Hall is a long, narrow room.

The Gilcrease Theater provides space for presentations.

The Regency Lounge includes couches, computers, and big picture windows.

The Warren Duck Club lies to the right of the function space shown on the floor plan. The dining room includes a salad bar. Ansel got the finger sandwiches and a dessert sampler. This is a typical salad. Later on, Ansel gets the Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp Platter with sauce, Calliope gets the Seared Ahi Tuna with Sriracha Butter and Mango Pico di Gallo, Prism gets the Chipotle Barbecue Braised Pork Shanks, Noria gets the Bacon Wrapped Serrano Shrimp with Mango Butter and Basil Pesto Angel Hair Pasta, and Boris gets the octopus tentacles. For dessert, Ansel has the Chocolate Torte, Prism gets the Fruit Tower, and Calliope gets the Apple Cobbler a la Mode.

Beyond the Warren Duck Club, a covered walkway leads to the Fitness Complex. The gendered changing rooms are pretty similar, and there are several unisex changing rooms too. The swimming pool includes a hot tub. The exercise room offers cardiovascular and weight equipment.

The Executive Lounge lies at the end of the 2nd Floor Ballroom, near the elevator lobby. The conference room has leather chairs and a buffet.

On the third floor, Calliope has this corner bedroom with bathroom. Boris has an accessible suite with bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom.

Golden Gate is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Tulsa. Browse the menu. See the exterior and interior of the restaurant.
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