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Today's Adventures

We went up to Amish territory with the intent of hitting the bakery, salvage store, and Beechy's.  It's near the end of the season and the bakery will close soon, so this is probably our last stop there this year.  We picked up Danishes for snacking and a carton of snickerdoodles for desserts this week.

The salvage store is past the cheap tomato season and into cheap apple season, ah well.  We did score some cheap mushrooms and a giant bag of chicken thighs which I have separated into 1-pound baggies.  I'm pleased to see that they now carry the unhomogenized, lightly pasteurized milk that I adore.  :D

We missed the turn for Beechy's.  This turned out to be a good thing.  We found Family Health Foods, a store with lots of home remedies including some hard-to-find herbal stuff.  They had base ingredients like witch hazel and rosewater.  I found a tube of all-purpose bruise and sprain gel (basically, it fixes closed soft-tissue and connective-tissue damage) with witch hazel, arnica, comfrey, white willow, and rosemary.  :D  So now I have something meant to put on bruises.

Right near there was Shady Crest Farm Market.  They have a lot of the same bulk and produce stuff as other stores in the area.  But they also have an ice cream counter and a fudge counter.  :D 3q3q3q!!!  Alas, today is cold and wet and not at all a good time for ice cream.  We did buy a chuck of tiger butter fudge.  <3

Then we hit the Arthur MCC Thrift Shop.  It didn't have what we went looking for -- my partner Doug is on quest for some character glasses.  But they had cheap cookbooks, most of them $0.50 for hardbacks or $0.25 for paperbacks.  We picked up quite a few of those. \o/

Remembering our conversations about alternative bicycles, I also snagged a flyer for VierBike.  This is a badass line of quadricycles and accessories.  They make one-seat and two-seat bikes, two-seat trailers, and a flatbed trailer with optional bench seat.  These are pricey, but they are handbuilt and extremely well designed.  Most of the fancy stuff (chrome fenders, cargo baskets, etc.) is extra, so you pay only for the bells & whistles you want.  They even have an optional canopy top!  Compared to the price of a car, it's a very affordable choice.  Also, this is a perfect option for people whose balance issues make a two-wheeler unfeasible.  Specialized models are also available, with examples showing a sideways front seat for handicapped passengers.
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