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Character and Location Notes for "A Double-Edged Sword"

Here are the character and location notes for "A Double-Edged Sword."

Cleaver (Vinayak "Vin" Gillespie) -- He has tawny-fair skin, almond-shaped brown eyes that tilt down at the corners, and short wavy brown hair just beginning to show gray at the temples. He wears glasses with frames of delicate black wire. His heritage is primarily Scottish with a little Indian and Asian. His cape name has two opposite meanings: bring together (cleave to) and take apart (cleave in twain), both of which he can do. Cleaver enjoys cooperative games. However, he has a hard time making friends, because many people find his superpowers disturbing.
Cleaver is a gray cape, relying on medical neutrality to stay safe since he works primarily with supervillains and occasionally with superheroes. Most of the time he serves as a patcher; the bond work is less common. As a cover, he also provides ordinary medical care in underserved areas. Cleaver helps Calliope and Vagary try to break their bond. Unlike most people, he doesn't have to cut straight through but can follow the edge to separate them without doing so much damage. The drawback is that it's a miserable process, because he can't see the margins clearly enough unless both people are awake -- rather like some types of brain surgery. Calliope calls it off partway through, because she's willing to endure a lot of pain but not willing to torture someone, and Vagary feels a lot more of it than she does.
Origin: During medical school, Vin volunteered for a psychology study on human bonding. It left him with the ability to perceive, create, and break connections between people.
Uniform: On duty, he wears a white coat over a business shirt and trousers. Off duty, he favors office casual or smart casual men's wear.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Ambidextrous, Good (+2) Cooperative Games, Good (+2) Doctor, Good (+2) Meticulous
Poor (-2) Unsettling
Powers: Expert (+4) Bond Control, Average (0) Telempathy
Motivation: To give people choices.

Hyperspaceman "Hype" (Dennis Després) -- He has fair skin, gray-green eyes, and short wavy brown hair. Hexagonal dot-matrix tattoos cover most of his left shoulder. Dennis was born female (and named Denise), but eventually he became uncomfortable and sought the help of a healer for sexual realignment service. He has a daughter, who was born during his female years. He still has the "tiger stripes" from that pregnancy and refuses to give them up.
Hyperspaceman's superpower allows him to bend time and space, so it can act as Super-Speed, Teleportation, etc. He can even route a vehicle around obstacles by morphing the route. He is often called "Hype" for short. Between the superhero work and the sex change, his family life is a mess; only his daughter really loves him for who he is instead of resenting him for abandoning the expected motherly role. Also, Hyperspaceman is struggling to adapt his work at SPOON to accommodate the new abilities, but hasn't yet developed a new specialty based on transit.
Origin: Dennis used to volunteer as a dispatcher for SPOON at a small office. One day a supervillain bombed the office. He woke up clear across the country without a scratch on him, no memory of exactly what happened, and superpowers.
Uniform: His work uniform consists of navy blue dexflan thickened with leathery krevel armor at knees and elbows, piped with silver and with silver threads through the main fabric. Off-duty he wears men's clothes and likes to leave his shoulders bare.
Qualities: Good (+2) Climbing, Good (+2) De-Escalation, Good (+2) Dispatcher, Good (+2) Doll Collector, Good (+2) Existential Intelligence
Poor (-2) Family Dynamics
Powers: Master (+6) Timespace Warp
Limitation: The consensus timespace continuum has a very weak grip on Hyperspaceman. This means he has a poor sense of navigation, so he needs adaptive equipment with a compass, GPS, and map functions. It also means that if he's distracted, sometimes he bends spacetime without meaning to do so, making it easy for other people to lose track of where he is, or even where they are.
Motivation: To gain acceptance.

* * *

See the location of Oklahoma in America.

This map shows the population density of Oklahoma. The two biggest population centers are Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Just north of them, that orange dot is Stillwater. Between the three, that darker green area has only 10-25 people per square mile.

On this map, it's easy to see how Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa form an obtuse triangle. Here you can see the county seats and roads. Three major roads make a triangle with Oklahoma City and Tulsa at the lower points, and Stillwater a little below the upper point.

Lincoln County lies near the middle of Oklahoma, between Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa.

On this map of Lincoln County, you can see plenty of small towns, but Chandler is the only one with 50-100 people per square mile. The northwest (upper left) corner of the county has the lowest population, 10-25 people per square mile.

A mobile clinic may serve rural or distressed areas that fixed clinics cannot. They have significant advantages and disadvantages. One major disadvantage is instability. I visited a mobile clinic once and it rocked every time someone took a step, which was A) utterly unbearable, and B) dangerous in the context of delicate activities. To be safe, mobile facilities need to be leveled and locked in place. In Terramagne-America, many of the unconventional and superpowered services are offered in this manner.

Cleaver's portable clinic consists of seven units made from shipping containers. They are arranged in a U shape with three on each side and one at the center back, with the center front open. A roof covers the aisle between them. Solar panels on the top of each unit provide power. Such units are easy to rent throughout T-America, used for everything from traveling aid to disaster response. They're very popular with gray capes and supervillains.

The first unit on the left has a reception desk, a waiting area, and a back office with a kitchenette. The receptionist works here.

The second unit on the left is a bunkroom with two pairs of bunkbeds, a desk, and a chair. Cleaver sleeps here along with another doctor, their receptionist, and their nurse. All the staff are male, which cuts down on workplace conflicts and complications.

The third unit on the left is the lab. It includes two workstations, a sink, and storage space. Computers and lab equipment sit on the counter. There's an Aegis minifridge in one corner.

The center unit is a dottie trailer with three individual cubicles. Each one holds a toilet, a sink, and a shower with seat and grab bars. Above the toilet is a light panel.

The first unit on the right, across from the lab, is an exam room with two beds and an equipment cart. Above the beds is a large light panel. Not visible in this picture, the far wall holds a desk cabinet with a sink and a chair.

The second unit on the right, across from the bunkroom, is an exam room with one bed, a desk cabinet with a sink, and a chair. This one is stocked with advanced tools and supplies.

The third unit on the right, across from reception, is an exam room with one bed, a desk cabinet with a sink, and a chair. This one is stocked with basic tools and supplies.
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