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Wednesday Yardening

Today is warm, damp, mostly sunny, and a little hazy.  We got a bit of rain last night.  It's very buggy out, mosquitoes everywhere.  Butterflies too -- the monarchs are roosting in small clusters on the trees.  When I walk by, they flutter into the air.  I saw a toad, too.

I went out to gather and plant wildflower seeds, mostly from the blackberry lilies and a few yellow flowers, also marigolds.  Zinnias are still blooming like mad, and there's an aster too.  I think the bluestem grass seed came up after all, which we had pretty much given up on.

EDIT 10/3/18: My yard is crawling with toads!  I saw 6 on the way to the wildflower garden, and another 11 on the way back to the house.  :D 3q3q3q!!!  Probably they are out because it's a warm damp evening full of bugs.  The toads are singing romance too, though.

I went back out to plant 10 Hyacinthoides hispanica   of mixed colors in the wildflower garden.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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