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Poem: "Notes from the Ciphernet"

This poem came out of the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] satsuma. It also fills the "Epistolary fic: letters, emails, etc." square in my 9-2-18 card for the [community profile] ladiesbingo fest. This poem belongs to An Army of One series.

"Notes from the Ciphernet"

I'm doing the best I can
to get all the vegetable seeds
that people have requested.
Please be patient.
-- Anne Goede

This is hell.
We are actually in hell.
-- Armelle

I know this isn't
what many of us are
used to, but we'll get by.
It could be a lot worse.
-- Verena


What the fuck?
-- Anne Goede

Mair wants to learn
to type. We were talking
about vegetables and I
mentioned pumpkin pie.
She's three years old.
Please be patient.
-- Verena

I don't see why
you're all so fussed
about fresh food. It takes
ten times longer to make
than military meals do.
-- Babs

You said it, sister.
People always gripe
over women's diet.
When are we getting
more shipments of
actual food packs?
-- Estelle

The next time
I come your way.
Please be patient.
-- Anne Goede

Here's some good news:
I have a dozen quartets
of breeder rabbits available
to whomever wants them.
-- Dr. Syden Caermichael

I have more requests than that,
but thanks. I'll pick them up
next time I swing by you, and
hand them off to buyers.
-- Anne Goede

See, things are getting
better for us already.
-- Verena


Sorry, that's Mair again.
She thinks that you can
make pie out of rabbits.
-- Verena

Actually you can.
See attached recipe.
-- Armelle

Now we're both hungry.
-- Verena

Me too. At home
we always had plenty

Armelle, are you all right?
The last message cut out.
I'm assuming that was you.
-- Verena

Let's change the subject.
-- Armelle

I just finished making
a batch of wine with carrots.
Who wants to try some?
-- Zymurgy

We are reduced to drinking
wine made out of carrots?
-- Dr. Syden Caermichael

Better than no wine at all.
-- Babs

I told you we're in hell.
-- Armelle

Well, it's like the old saying goes:
if you're going through hell, keep going.
-- Verena

* * *


Anne Goede -- a neurotypical woman who expands her smuggling trade into the Lacuna after the war. She brings in many of the seeds for Sam the Gardener. Introduced in "Stock in Trade."

Armelle -- she is neuroambiguous, the wife of Bottleneck and mother of Embry. Armelle lost her entire family in the Massacre of Cascabel, except for her husband and daughter. Armelle and Bottleneck aren't close; the marriage was urged on them by their parents because it's what people do. Eventually she tracked Bottleneck down. Introduced in "New Wine in Old Bottles."

Verena -- a neurotypical woman. She is married to Darmid, a teacher. They have a three-year-old daughter, Mair (probably neurotypical) and a four-year-old son Tyson (neurovariant with ADHD). Verena is the pilot who cobbled a navigation system into a lifeboat so that a band of refugees could escape persecution on Epizygis. Later she begins taking care of psychological health for the AYES. Introduced in "No Measure of Health."

Mair -- a three-year-old girl, probably neurotypical. She is the daughter of Verena and Darmid, younger sister of Tyson (neurovariant with ADHD). Her family moved to the Lacuna to escape persecution on Epizygis. Introduced in "No Measure of Health."

Babs -- an average sized woman, a geeky but neurotypical maintenance tech for the Orion army. She is Estelle's best friend, and somewhat younger. They both like the simplicity of military food compared to the social fuss over women's diets in civilian space. To them it's just fuel. Introduced in "A Taste of Things to Come."

Estelle -- a tall, sturdy woman whose passion and profession are both astronomy. She is middle-aged and neurovariant. Her project for the Orion army at the time of the secession was trying to find better ways of penetrating dust veils in space. After the secession she leads the search for usable planetary space in the Lacuna -- which does have stars and planets, just very few of them. She is very meticulous about math, and precision in general; "pretty sure" or "close enough" isn't, for her. She needs explicit instructions, such as exactly when to start or stop doing things, but if the rules are clear then she follows them well and happily. Estelle's best friend is a geeky but probably neurotypical maintenance tech named Babs, somewhat younger. They both like the simplicity of military food compared to the social fuss over women's diets in civilian space. To them it's just fuel. Introduced in "A Taste of Things to Come," reappearing in "Experts Talk Logistics" and "Time, Space, and Distance." To be featured in "One Person on the Spectrum."

Dr. Syden Caermichael -- a neurovariant woman who ran a secret laboratory base, until a life support emergency forced her out of hiding. Introduced in "Flying in Freefall."

Zymurgy -- a neurovariant woman who smuggled yeast for her homebrew. Introduced in "Dreams of Brown and Green."

* * *

Enjoy a recipe for Rabbit Pot Pie.

You can make alcohol out of darn near anything with sugar or starch, including carrots.
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