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I have made bingo along Row 4 and Row 5 of my 9-1-18 card for the Cottoncandy Bingo fest.

B4 (respect limits) -- "The Scars on the Mind" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)
I4 (promise) -- "No Es Problema" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
N4 (helping a stranger) -- "Becoming, Evolving, Ascending" (Polychrome Heroics)
G4 (learning a new skill) -- "Whose Work Is Never Done" (standalone)
O4 (love) -- "A World Built from the Bottom Up" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)

B5 (safe) -- "Only the Finest" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
I5 (awe) -- "As Giants and Patriarchs" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
N5 (sharing) -- "The Storybearer" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
G5 (nurture self-worth) -- "That Ability to Comfort" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
O5 (self-awareness) -- "Learning to Cha-Cha" (standalone)

Additional fills:

N1 (scared) -- "The So-Called Truth" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)
G1 (change) -- "Be Open to That Change" (Polychrome Heroics: Calliope)

I3 (optimism) -- "At the Subtlest Levels of Function" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
G3 (water) -- "The Promised Waters" (Polychrome Heroics: The Big One)
O3 (opportunity) -- "The Opportunity to Develop" (Polychrome Heroics)
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