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Poems Under Consideration - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poems Under Consideration
[personal profile] ng_moonmoth is shopping for poetry from the September 18 fishbowl and wants to know if anybody else wishes to contribute.  Please contact [personal profile] ng_moonmoth if this interests you.

Well, "The Promised Waters" was the shortest of what I saw; that would
have been $50 otherwise. I want to chip in at least that much to the
community for that.

Taking a look at what got written, I picked out and ranked the ones I
liked best, and came up with:

"The Hearts They Leave Behind" ($114)
"Courage, a Contradiction in Terms" ($174)
"At the Subtlest Levels of Function" ($234)
"That Strength You Get from a Team" ($256)
"As Giants and Patriarchs" ($108
"A Sacredness in Tears" ($170)

I'll listen if anyone out there wants to contribute to any of these.
Failing that, I'll sponsor "The Hearts They Leave Behind" to unlock "A
Sacredness in Tears".

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